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Ashton Wyn
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Who are you?
    I thought the government officials were pretending to be cool with us and outing us individually to the public. *silence follows for a while before finally Ashton sighs* Sorry, I have some drama with the way this how legalization thing has been handled by the powers that be. I suppose you kind of had to expect that kind of thing once government gets involved. We always had enough drama, stuck between the vampires and their demands on us. But you know this isn't some kind of sob story. I am Ulfric and this is my pack, and I take care of what is mine. Suppose I should suck it up and get this interview over right.

    So my name is Ashton, I am forty three and I grew up right here in Seattle. I became Ulfic just a little over three years ago, but hit alpha status a few good years before that. Becoming a werewolf was never really part of the plan but I seem to have taken it pretty well. Being the king of a wolf pack comes with a few pros and cons. the cons are trying to keep the younger wolves in line, especially the ones who are so fresh they still smell human. Phone calls at the oddest hours with hysterical lovers, although I always prefer those over the pissed off bar owners, claiming some wolf tore up the place. One draw back to the governments hand in this supernatural mess is everyone in Seattle knows the wolves are my problem. No way I can shrug off the responsibility, even if the wolves aren't pack. Now that is the most annoying thing. The ones who think they don't need us and decide to go rogue.

    Perks are mostly different elements of control. I can keep my beast in no matter what is going on, and I can even resist the change on a full moon if I really needed too. it doesn't happen often and honestly I really love running with the pack, hunting together, enjoying the woodlands nearby. I can part shift my hands at will, and when I do turn full wolf i can shift back and still be conscious. As Ulfric I get some control over my pack. I can bring out their beast if the situation calls for it but I can also hold it back. During a full moon its harder, and there is no chance of holding a shift off long enough for a female to carry a baby to term. No that is strictly a tiger secret. Maybe if the governments keep snooping around in our lives, they might publish something actually useful.
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What do you want?
    I have to admit my biggest weakness is that I am quick to turn into pissed off mode, as if that wasn't half obvious. And I don't trust media or politicians. It was hard before just trying to find our place here with the other shifters and now we need to take care of ourselves and the humans. Its just to much for one man. Most of the other groups gets a pair to take care of them. Wolves are managed by one person, most of the time its a guy. Sure we have a lupa but they have no real power. It all rests on my shoulders and I take responsibility seriously. I have always been a protector of others, and when I was younger, before the attack I planned to be a cop. I think that has to be one of my strengths. I care for my people and I take my role very seriously in their lives. They need me and I want to give them someone to look up to and when my death comes I want my pack to miss me.

    Right now I don't have a romantic relationship with anyone. It is hard to get close to people when I have so much going on in my lives. I know my pack needs a lupa, just for the stability and for our pack to be complete. Now that we are in the lime light it is easier for the younger wolves to question are we normal. It is the main reason why they go rogue. I have taken a couple of auditions but really there is no one in Seattle that tickles my fancy in just the right way. I need more then just a sexual energy. I also need a girl I can talk with. Yeah I am straight. I can get into puppy piles naked with men but there is nothing sexual in that, honestly. it is just a matter of skin on skin action works better then through clothes.
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Why are you here?
    I was born here in Seattle, like I said. Born into a nice normal family that enjoyed the regular family trips. I went to the local school just like my siblings did and I did alright with academics but I excelled at sports and anything outdoors. I was the only boy out of the four of us and there was a good chance that I could have become a little bit of a pansy if you know what I mean but I think my father was determined to make a real man out of me *chuckles* My older sister Annette, and then my two little sisters Juliet and Marissa were your typical girlie girls. They didn't like to be dirty or messy. A lot like my mother really. I liked mud and mess and as I grew up I would go out hunting with my father at least once a year.

    Of course it was during one of these hunting trips that I got infected. I had just finished high school and had been accepted into a police academy and me and Pa was going out for one last bonding trip before I moved. We were out hunting a few hours from home in a spot we often went too. We knew the trails but we decided to go off trail and really get back to nature you know. the attack was swift but it was enough. I was officially cursed. Now if your infected you get pamphlets and introduced to the local pack leader and everything is all very official. Papers need to be signed and everything. Back then they told your parents you died and you were warned to stay away from them. It was easy to believe when they told you that you might kill your entire family on a wild blood fueled whim. It wasn't a big drama for me. My family left six months after my 'death'.

    the pack leader back then took me in mostly because he was seriously lacking in males. Lucky for me because the half way houses they used to stick you in were even worse then the horror stories you hear these days. I stuck mostly to the home base with the ulfric and his lupa, learning the ways of the pack structure. I never meant to become Ulfric. Honestly it looked like way to much work and not enough pleasure. I kind of accidentally fell into it really. Like any male I was pretty competitive and it was easy to raise though the ranks where there wasn't a lot of competition to be had. I was pretty close to the leader and we were friends but I think even he knew that someday I would challenge him because that was just the way the pack ran. But I didn't have that right yet. There was a man before me who had that role.

    It was a pretty epic fight to be honest. The header put up a good fight but he was just to old to handle the other man and he died like any good ulfric should. It was sad but we knew that life had to go on. It had stayed like this for years. But tradition was about to be broken. the man who took over, Nicky, was not a good man to have in a position of power. He was mad with it and soon the pack was suffering. He was sending our youngest out as snacks for the local vampires, and rules with fear and not respect. He was ulfric for almost five years before I finally had to act. I just couldn't sit by and let my family become trash in the eyes of the super natural community.

    I did what I had to do. I challenged him and I finally won. The respect and grief that we had felt for the former ulfric wasn't there when Nicky finally went down. People were glad to see him gone. And now I was ulfric, Wolf King. I had seen the rise and fall of the pack, and the interference of the vampires and shifters becoming real citizens. I suppose I am the right man for the job. I am trying to be anyway.
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Where are you going?
    Just trying to be the best Ulfric I can be. I still have a few good years left in me fore I will be to weak for this pack.
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