Bailey, Xiomara Elin, Lion Shifter
Xiomara Bailey-Braxton
 Posted: Dec 14 2011, 7:27 PM

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Xiomara Elin Bailey

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Who are you?
    Sighs, biting her lip in thought. "Who am I? Well, that's a good question. One thing I know for sure, is my name. Bailey comma Xiomara Elin. I'm twenty five years old, and, let's see here..." Racks her brain, for any other useless tidbits the distributors of this interview may be interested in, or deem important. "Oh, I'm part Spanish. As in, my father's mother is a full blooded Spaniard, born and raised, she and my grandfather still reside in Spain, actually. She was beautiful in her day. I greatly appreciate the cheekbones she passed down. While we're on the topic of heritage, my mother is Swedish. That's where I get my blonde hair and blue eye. Yes, eye. Singular. I have complete heterochromia, which is the fancy way of saying I have one blue eye, and one brown. I was born that way, don't know why exactly, but my father always joked that it was my stubborn Latina grandmother forcing a little Spanish flavor into my appearance. I recently added a little artificial flare to my appearance, by dying part of the under layer purple. You can't see it, unless my hair is up, which rarely happens, but knowing it's there makes me feel rebellious. Which sounds incredibly silly, now that I am hearing the words out loud.." Realizes she's rambling and drops her chin before cutting to the chase, so to speak. "I'm um, a werelion. I don't really have a Pride. I'm new to all this, like, really new. I wouldn't say no to being a part of a.. family? Is that how it works? Like I said, new. Anyways, I don't mind being alone. I'm not anti-social, I just like my freedom, I swear I should have been born in the seventies. Although, I've always been a little timid, and submissive, so I wouldn't partake in all the protesting, but I can see myself being a flower child... Other than that, there's really not all that much to say about me."

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What do you want?
    "I want, to be happy. Doesn't everybody? I want to be accepted, and live a long life. Meet someone to spend my life with, I'm not sure I want to bring kids into this crazy world, but I think I'd thoroughly enjoy pregnancy and motherhood. I'd like to make my mark on the world, in some way, shape or form. Mind you, nothing too crazy, I'd just like to have some kind of proof that I was here. I lived, I accomplished something. Above all though, I want to remain true to myself, and not let the world, or my new affliction, change who I am."

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Why are you here?
    "Here? As in, in Seattle? I'm not really sure, to be honest. I just sort of, wandered here. I'm a natural born nomad, just kind of trying to find out where I fit in this world. I was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio. My mother's name is Astrid Bailey, my father's is Stefan. Not Stee-ven, Steh-fon. He gets cranky when you mispronounce his name. Like I said, I'm an only child, they never wanted to have more than one. So they didn't. However, my older cousin did live with us from the time I was five years old, up until he turned nineteen. I was twelve when he moved out, so he lived with us for seven years? Yeah. Seven years." Drops her gaze to the floor, "he was kind of, bossy. I didn't have many people I could relate to, and I was too soft spoken to be popular in school, so I didn't have much of a social life. He was the only person I had to spend time with, and he sure made me work for it. At times, I swore he thought I was his doting servant." Mutters something vile under her breath. "He still lives in town, near my parents, which is probably why I chose to move as far away as I could. I went to Penn State, and studied Archaeology/Anthropology. I'm absolutely fascinated by people, in general. There is just so much you can learn from a person's bones, or the remnants or a city. And it all boils down to just, people, making decisions, living their lives, changing the world. Makes me wonder if being a shifter will be prevelant in my bone structure, I haven't looked into it much since I was changed by my old college professor. He was.. A disturbed man. A particularly dominant alpha-male. We started dating casually, I had no idea wh was the leader of a Pride in Pennsylvania. I think he called himself a Rex? Anyways, long story short, he kind of bit me, in a non-sexy way, while we were kissing one night. He thought if he changed me, I would be his mate, whatever that's called. Obviously, I didn't, and I'm not. I moved here to Seattle the second I graduated last month."

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Where are you going?
    "I'll let you know, when I do."

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 Posted: Dec 14 2011, 7:37 PM

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