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 Posted: Dec 11 2011, 9:09 AM

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It's been thirteen years since Addison v. Clarke granted legal rights and responsibilities to vampires, with the shifters coming into the open not long behind. When that happened it changed everything, from property laws to economic development to the American interpretation of Christian morality. All the darkest myths that mankind had ever longed for or trembled from were true after all, how could anything ever be the same?

But in Seattle the monsters were never all that deeply in the closet to begin with. In the short, violent, prosperous history of the Emerald City the uncanny has always been very close to the surface. The artists and burnouts and internet millionaires who move to the city probably don't realize that 'vibe' of refined permissiveness that makes Seattle so attractive to them was created by decades of subtle vampire influence, any more than they understand that the beautiful forest lands and pristine stretches of coastline stay that way because the shifters make it so. Whether or not the humans know it, Seattle is a monster city and always has been.

Recently there are new challenges facing the city and its residents. As the humans start to realize just how deeply the monsters have integrated themselves into 'normal' society there's been a backlash of public opinion against the vampires and shifters, with more and more restrictive laws being passed. The Vampire Council in Paris is cracking down as well, there have been mutterings that the American vampires shouldn't have to answer to an overseas Council and the oldest of the vampires are trying to maintain their control.

In a town that's had more than its share of troubles over the years, there's only more danger on the horizon. Will Seattle's residents pull together in the face of outside enemies? Or will it all finally fall apart for the Queen City?

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