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Annika Lise Wagner

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Who are you?
    My name is Annika Lise Wagner, though, if you want, you can all me Anna, and I'm twenty-eight years old. As you can tell from my name, my family isn't originally from this country. I was born in Germany and if I had been born during World War II, I would've been considered one of the Ayran race. Weird fact, I know, but it's one my grandfather likes making. He's proud that I came out the way I did. Well...except my little "talent". Anyway, I came to America for school and wound up just not going back to Germany. I can't go back home because there's still something I have to do. It was in the cards and it's something that will take the whole of my life to accomplish. I'm not one to buck fate, and I can't go against the cards. If you couldn't guess from what I just told you, I'm a psychic. I can divine the future through Tarot cards and I have visions in my sleep or when I go into a specialized trance. The spirits talk to me, but not like mediums who only see ghosts. My spirits are those who've already crossed over and they give me visions and snippets of the future when they contact me.

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What do you want?
    Simple, I want to find the rugged man I keep pulling up in my cards and who keeps appearing in my visions. I know I'm supposed to find him and help him with something, but I'm not entirely sure what. All I know is that he needs me and he's waiting for me, even if he doesn't know it yet.

    Aside from the rugged man and my weird specialties, I like reading. I devour classical literature like a fat kid devours cake. I'm a huge fan of Mark Twain, Charles Dickenson, Edgar Allan Poe, and Shakespeare. I keep a copy of a German translation of some of Poe's works, including The Cask of Amontiallo, The Raven, and The Pit and the Pendulum. It's something my father gave me before I left for America. The rest of my books are in English, but I'm trying to get more German translations. Call me an egoist, but there's something that makes me feel superior when someone tries to borrow my German Poe book and can't read it.

    Another thing I adore is painting. I prefer oil painting to anything else, but when I can't get my hands on the materials needed, I stick with a sketch pad and oil pastels. I've drawn my rugged man a couple of times based on the visions I've gotten. He's a very handsome man. Do you want to see it? Maybe you can tell me who he is.
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Why are you here?
    Well, like I said before, I was born in Germany. Berlin, actually. My great-grandfather was a Waffen-SS soldier and my grandmother says I look a lot like him. He was blonde and had blue eyes and his wife was the same because, hey, that was the look like were going for. Unfortunately, due to some strange twist in genetics, none of their kids came out with the blonde hair and blue eyes. In fact, very few people in my family have the old Aryan characteristics that my great-grandparents were being bred for.

    Anyway, I lived a normal life in Germany. I ran around barefoot with my brothers and sisters and cousins, went to school, played with my friends...in fact, it wasn't until I was twelve that my talent came out into the open. It was when we went to a traveling carnival that I met a Romanic Gypsy who told me I was one of the Seers. I didn't know what she meant, but it became clear when she asked me if I had strange dreams. I told her I did, that people dressed in white came and whispered things to me. In fact, I told her they had whispered for me to find the dark lady in the ring of lights. She fit the bill because she had dark hair, eyes, and tanned skin and the lights in her tent formed a circle.

    She gave me a pack of Tarot cards. No instructions, no explainations, just gave them to me as my mother was calling for us. She did, however, tell me to follow my instinct when I used them. The people in white would guide my hand and my mind.

    I practiced everyday after chores with them. Of course, I kept them hidden from my mother. She was a religious woman who would've had a heart attack and a ritualistic burning of my Tarot cards if she found out I was playing with them. And I found that the Gypsy had been right. I instinctively knew what each card mean and what they meant when I laid them out. In my dreams, I would hear the whispering of the people in white and, as I grew older, the whisperings turned into visions that would find themselves as reality in the waking world.

    I decided to go to America for college, taking a major in art history. Useless, I know, but I can't see myself as a nurse or a rocket scientist and I can only cook as long as there's a microwave involved. My parents didn't like me going, since I would be so far away, but I knew I had to. The cards and the visions said there was something in America I needed to do, something that would give me what I had unknowingly been seeking. I didn't know what that thing is, and I still don't, I just knew it was in America.

    I graduated from college in New York and went to traveling, giving readings with my cards to make money. I worked my way to Seattle because I just knew I had to be here. There have been voices in my dreams that have gotten stronger since I came here, and now I see great, shaggy, canine-like beasts with the people in white. I was scared, at first, but now I know they're just in my dreams to help me find the person I need to find and do what I need to do.
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Where are you going?
    Nowhere. My cards and my visions say I need to be in Seattle, so I'm going to stay until they tell me different.
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