Lacek, Indiana, cobra shifter/animal servant
Indiana Lacek
 Posted: Dec 2 2011, 2:48 AM

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Who are you?
    You might need to be a bit more specific there because I am alotta different things to a whole heap of different people. I suppose you are looking for obvious answer. I am a snake shifter, a cobra to be exact since you seem like the detail type. Not only am a shifter I am a kept pet I suppose is the way you guys might see it. Lucien started the process when I was twenty eight, and finally finished when I was thirty one. So I am a cobra shifter who is tied to a belle morte vampire and I think I kinda love it

    I was born into a snake society. Mum and dad are both cobras, and their parents were cobras. My great grandparents started the tradition apparently. I came from an egg, which I know sounds really weird but it is almost completely impossible to keep a baby to term when you are shifting every month. I was meant to continue the tradition. Had an arranged marriage to a decent guy too... but then came Lucien and I kinda left the idea of getting married and having babies behind. Now I have other things to worry about. I handle the business end of his club. Right now it is called 'Pulse' but in a few years we will pack our backs and glitter and move on to a new city and open up shop under a new name. I also manage Lucien's life, take care of his house when he is dead and make sure that everything is perfect so when he wakes everything is exactly where he is expects it to be.
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What do you want?
    i think I am just your regular girl who has been thrown into a crazy supernatural world. sure I was born into a cobra nest but honestly we do normal lives other then the snake thing. We live in regular suburbs, are home schooled and grow up to work in the community and make little snake babies. It really wasn't a strange life until Lucien made it strange. I am rather logical and level headed with most things. Except when it comes to Lucien because I think I inherited some of his fire and he just sometimes swings me the wrong way. It makes me a great asset in a drama, which has been useful to Lucien more then once in our time together and will probably save our arses again.

    I love sunsets. I love Maltese puppies, which people might find weird, and like most girls I love to go shopping. Lucien never has time for it and sometimes days are slow around the place so shopping can be a great distraction. I love my life, I love my Lucien and right now I love Seattle because I get to have him all to myself before he starts finding people to collect.

    I hate people who take advantage of Lucien's good nature. I have met a few little bitches and arse holes who didn't give a fuck about Luc and his feelings. they just wanted in on his empire, to be part of the scene. I really hate those kinds of people. I try and protect him from those, and there have been times when people have accidentally disappeared and were never heard of again. As much as I pretend I am there are somethings that keep me up during the day. Loosing Lucien obviously. We share four marks. His death means my death. I can't imagine anything worse in this world...
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Why are you here?
    Here is a mind fuck for you. I was born in 1954. I was twenty two when I met Lucien. But I looked around seventeen or so because of the shifter blood. It age differently to a human. People just thought it was really good genetics and why shouldn't they. My parents were both attractive people and people expect attractive parents make attractive kids. I was born with blonde hair and green eyes and I like to think I am attractive.

    Life was pretty normal for me up until I meet Lucien. Well as normal as a snake family can be. I have three siblings, but we weren't really encouraged to interact like siblings. we didn't really hang out or play together. We even studied separately. They were mostly just like borders to me. I don't know why it works like that. Like I said we never grow up to marry our direct relatives but it seemed to be a unspoken rule in the house. maybe it is a snake thing, or maybe it is just our family. I won't really know. so growing up was kind of lonely. I spent a lot of time alone, and as I got older I started to write letters to complete strangers because hell I need to talk to more people then just my folks right? letters were actually therapeutic and I could edit myself if I accidentally said the wrong thing. My parents pride themselves on being able to conform to society and they expected us to do the same.

    Everything changed when I met Lucien. I felt him the second he entered my territory. I was sitting with my mother in the kitchen, sipping tea and discussing wedding plans. I was due to be married in the coming spring. And it was like a sudden desire to run and be with this other. I hadn't known anything like it but my mother did. She had felt it too and had frozen for a second before she went back to dresses and cake. After some prodding she told me it must have been a snake calling vampire but to ignore it because vampires were trouble. But I couldn't ignore him. I felt him call for me and even during the day he was still there. I found myself wandering the city, walking around, and finally found the place where he had buried himself for the daylight. I waited until the sunset and he rose under whatever magic keeps the vampire looking like it is alive.

    I don't remember the specifics of that night. I was blood and sex and I think it might have been hell. I had only been with one man in my life, my future husband, but Luc knew things about my body that hadn't gotten attention before that night. We said very little to each other that first night and when he died suddenly at first light, I buried him naked, dragged my ruined clothes back on and practically limped back home with a smile on my face. I was greeted with an angry fiance and parents. One look at me and you could guess what I had been up too. There lectures and blame and talk of taking me away from the vampire and staking him before he could call me back. I might have looked calm and compromising on the outside, making it look to all the world that I was going along with them but my snake had decided Lucien. He was stronger then any snake I had ever met, and she wanted a strong mate. I packed my bags, promised to get a night of sleep and when the house was asleep and slipped out into the night and found Lucien again.

    I never left him from that time onwards. We were together for many years before we discussed the marks. First it was a joke on how easy it would be to talk mind to mind in the club on busy nights. and then the jokes got semi serious. It was my birthday, I remember it. I had dyed my hair red by then, and it was glowing. Our latest club was closed and we were sitting cross legged on the dance floor. We were just chatting really, like so many other birthdays we had shared. It was just us, under candle light, Lucien's favorite kind of lighting. and then suddenly there was more. The way Lucien was touching me, the intensity of his eyes and just that feeling of electricity in the air... The first mark was the most romantic one he ever gave me. The second he forced during an argument just for Lucien to prove to me that he did own me. the third was a business deal and the four. Well I don't think Lucien meant for the fourth to happen until it was happening and suddenly we were joined in a way that just can't even be made into words.
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Where are you going?
    Well I am going where ever Lucien is going obviously. It is my job to make sure he can live the life style he likes. he really isn't one for hard work, or even minor work. Life is a stage, quite literately. And he has no real concept of money. He wouldn't be able to function without me. And I plan to keep it that way
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