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Raleigh Braxton
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Raleigh Vail Braxton

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Who are you?
    I'm a strong dominant lion shifter and I have been for a while. I rose through the power ranks rather quickly in my old pride. I guess I rose a little too quickly for the liking of my Rex. I'm pretty good at controlling myself and I don't just shift at every turn of emotion or when the wind blows in the wrong direction like the newbs do. As far as vampire calls go...I can't resist them, but I do feel dirty after doing what the bloodsuckers want.

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What do you want?
    I suppose the first thing people say when they meet me is that I look like I could be a football player. Quarter or runningback, nothing big like a lineman or defensive tackle. And I guess I act like I could play, too. I tend to barrel head-first into things without thinking about them, then I refuse to ask for help if it blows up in my face. The way I was raised, a man takes care of their own mistakes and doesn't ask for help from anybody repairing what he messed up. I can be stubborn and possessive and jealous, which some girls seem to find adorable or something. I can also be very cuddly and warm. I love just laying out on a blanket, counting the stars and just being with a person I'm close to. And once you've earned it, I'm the most loyal person in the world. I'd gladly die or at least get really badly hurt if it meant protecting someone I care about. I guess I also have a white knight syndrome and I tend to believe that everyone who feels or acts or even looks weaker than me needs protection.

    I just love being alive. Breathing is a great thing and I've been planning to keep doing it for a long time. Not to mention I love eating. Food is almost better than air, and it tastes better, too. I have noticed since my infection that I like raw meat more than cooked. I've also developed a taste for sushi, something I never ate in Huxley. Country is my kinda of music, but I've also developed a taste for classical and jazz during my time with my old court. I've been thinking about picking up the saxophone if I find I have a lot of free time in this new court. I love running through the woods, and not just on full moon nights. I've always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, have since before I even turned lion. Of course, now I got better weapons and better ways of tracking prey than when I was human.

    Despite being labeled as a "court pet", I'm not a big fan of vampires. To me, the lot of them seem like over-aged children fighting over their toys (humans, shifters, etc.) and they don't want to share. I wouldn't say I hate them as much as I feel uneasy around them. I also hate douchebags who hit on their girls or weaker people. I was raised that the strong protect the weak and there is never a good reason to lay your hands on a woman. It's just not how you treat a lady. A lot of the fights I used to get into with my old Rex was on how he treated the weaker members of the pride. They should be nurtured and protected. Not exploited for the stronger one's amusement. But one of the main things for me is hurting those I care about. You do that, and I might just rip your head off...And you better take that as gospel and not try me or my limited patience.

    I am straight as a board...no...straight as a steel I-beam covered in concrete. There is really no part of me that sees the male form as attractive. Sorry, guys, but this guy is off limits. As far as relationships, I did have a girlfriend, Rebecca, in my old pride, but I guess that relationship is ended since I was sent here.

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Why are you here?
    My name is Raleigh Vail Braxton. Honestly, I thought my parents hated me when they named me. Raleigh? Isn't that a girl's name? Or the name of a city? Well, whatever they were on at the time, my name was stuck as Raleigh. Though most people tend to call me Vail or Ral. Nobody calls me Leigh...Ever. It's forbidden. Really, it is. Say it and watch hell rain down on you. Try it if you really want to not be breathing in the morning.

    I was born in Louisiana. Yeah, that state that has New Orleans in it. But I wasn't born anywhere near New Orleans. I was born in a small town called Huxley. It was hot as hell and boring as hell. I had two normal parents and a couple of siblings. Like I said, boring. My dad was the sheriff of Huxley and my mom worked at the textile mill. Standard living. But that was all going to change during my senior year of high school.

    Tragedy hit my family, and hit it hard. My dad was killed in a car accident. I was driving. Yeah, you heard right, I was driving. It was pouring down rain and we were rammed into when a guy skid through the red light and broad-sided us on my dad's side. He was killed pretty much instantly and I was in pretty bad shape. I had to be life flighted to a bigger city since Huxley's tiny hospital wasn't equipped to deal with such a traumatic injury.

    I suffered from a shattered pelvis, a compound fracture of the femur on my left leg, both my ankles were shattered, and my right knee was messed up. All lower body damage, but at least I hadn't broken my neck...or that's what the doctor told my mother when he gave her the news of my condition. All could be repaired with a series of surgeries, all could be recovered from by months, of not years, of intense therapy. Well, there went playing football.

    I went into my first surgery to repair and pin together my shattered hip. This was before blood was tested for the lycanthropy virus. Hell, this was before lycanthropy was even well-known. They didn't know the bottle of blood they hung over me during the surgery contained lion lycanthropy. Or that enough was pumped into my system so it completely over-took my own blood and mutated me into a lion shifter. They didn't know that my quick healing was due to that blood working on my system and not medical science. How could they have known? It's not like shifters were real, after all.

    The first shift came two weeks after my surgery. To say it scared the nurses was an understatement. They'd had me packed with ice because they believed I was running a fever. Little did they know that they were about to have a teenage lion on their hands. But they weren't nearly as scared as I was. It had been painful, that first shift. I can still hear my own screams become roars in my head if I think back that far.

    I ran from the hospital that night. The injuries I had suffered because of the accident were a mere memory. The world was something new and different to me, as a lion, and I didn't know what to do. I left the city entirely and I knew I couldn't return to Huxley and my family. I had to accept that this accident had cost my mother both her husband and her son. I couldn't put them in danger when I became a wild beast on the nights of the full moon.

    It was tempting to keep running...but I found a pride in New Orleans and they took me in so they could teach me how to control my lion. Of course, I started getting stronger with each year I was with the pride until I cleared strong dominant, close to Alpha. My Rex wasn't too happy with this. Most of the males around him were either blind with loyalty or too weak to challenge him, but not me. He hadn't really earned my respect or my loyalty for me to remain under his thumb for much longer. So he made a deal with the vampire Master of the city and pretty much gave me to the guy as a pet. I was twenty at the time and I spent eight years under him. I worked my way up from blood doll to pet to guard. I've seen a few things in my time there and I was mostly used as a pretty accessory with claws in case something went wrong.

    Of course, this was until I was sent as a present to the Master of Seattle, a Beastmaster vampiress named Shiloh. I'm not exactly happy with this little development because she can call lions. The old Master could only call leopards, which didn't effect me much. I'll have to wait and see what she's like.

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Where are you going?
    First off, I plan on getting back to what I was doing with my old master, and that would be playing the pretty lion pet until he unleashed me. I enjoyed doing the undercover guard work, and getting the ladies gawking at me isn't bad, either. But my overall dream is to get my own pride. I got really tired of seeing how my old Rex would treat the lions under him and all I wanted to do was get strong enough to take over and show him how a pride should be treated. A Rex should take care of his pride, not use it to cater to his own ego. Other than that, my goal is not to get killed anytime soon.

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