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Ariana Dawn Cooper

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Werejaguar . 26 . Cook and Vampire Executioner

Who are you?
    My name is Rin Cooper, I'm a jag but I came out here to run the kitchen for the Raj's pub. Also because Seattle doesn't currently have an executioner and because my cousin's out here and can't be trusted to keep his dumb self out of trouble for long.

    Hmm? Oh. No, technically it's not illegal for a shifter to be an executioner, they just usually manage to make sure that it doesn't happen. But my Papá is an executioner, when the time came for me to get my license we gamed the system to make it work. Technically we didn't even have to do anything illegal to make it work, just had to choose certain wording carefully and choose to submit hair tests and cheek scrapings for the drug tests and the one DNA screening the USMS asked for.

    Anyway, yeah. I'm twenty-six--yes, I know I look too young to vote, that's really not my fault--and I've been a jaguar since my grandfather infected me on my eighteenth birthday. My Mom wasn't thrilled, though she was at least glad I didn't go hyena like her, but whether I was infected wasn't ever really a decision for me, it was always just a matter of which species. Jaguar, leopard, lion or hyena? In the end I went jaguar for no reason I can really put my finger on. It just felt right, and it's been right. I love my cat, I've never regretted it for a second.
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What do you want?
    Wow, you go right for it, don't you? Mostly I guess what I want is to do my thing my way. It's kind of rough following in your parents' (well, some of my parents) footsteps while wanting to be independent at the same time. They always want to step in and help, or point out when you're making a mistake they made when they were younger or something. Which is very sweet and all, but it's kind of hard to explain that sometimes you just want to learn your own lessons your own way, mistakes and all.

    Coming out here, even though I've got the safety net of Collin, I'll still be on my own as far as the kitchen and the fighting. Don't get me wrong, I'm not dumb, I'll still end up calling my Mom and fathers twice a week or more, but it's still a level of freedom I haven't had since I came in off the road.
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Why are you here?
    I already explained that--oh. You want my history, don't you? Great. Okay, I'll tell the story, but I don't want any touristy questions or moral judgments out of you, especially about my family. My parents made some weird choices, but they always had their reasons and they were good to me and my sister and brother.

    First of all, I've got two fathers, one mother, one stepfather, one stepmother, twin not-daddies that we never figured out a decent word for and one vampire semi-stepfather. Also an older stepsister, a younger stepbrother and a wide array of 'cousins' who mostly are no blood relation but are absolutely family anyway. The simplest way I can put it is this: my mother was in a relationship with two men when she got pregnant with me, and both of them are my fathers. When that relationship broke up, my fathers stayed together for a while and then went their seperate ways, and one of them stayed single while the other eventually settled down with a vampire lover. Meanwhile my mother fell in love with my stepfather, they lived together for a few years with me and my stepsister. That eventually fell apart, my Mom moved in with her Clan and my stepfather remarried a few years after that and they had a son.

    Totally and completely confusing, I know. We worked it out among us so that it doesn't confuse us, but outsiders always end up getting lost. The truth is, I consider my fathers and my stepfather all to be my fathers, my biological Mom and my stepmom to be my mothers, and my stepsister and stepbrother to be my sister and brother. The twins are kinda just the twins, they're like the most dysfunctional way-older cousins imaginable, and my Dad's vampire is...complicated.

    Also, add on to this that among that tangle of family there are four hyenas, a lion, a leopard, an animator and vampire executioner and that vampire, plus my grandfather is a jaguar and my Mom's boss/mentor/eternal crush is a rat and it just all gets that much more ridiculous. But the thing is, for all the craziness, they're just my family, you know? My sister Mari knows everything and always has and always will. My Mom is overprotective to the point of insanity, while still being a hundred percent behind Papá teaching me the job. The twins gave me my first joint, Pop took me to Africa when I was ten, and when I decided to go jaguar my grandfather was so proud he could practically not even stand himself. It's just family, we interact as a family and love each other as a family and all of us get a little defensive when somebody makes assumptions. Okay, maybe a lot defensive.

    Anyway. I grew up in Chicago, surrounded by shifters, guns, and restaurants. Mom started running Two when I was still in preschool, that being one of the two best shifter restaurants in the city. I grew up in Hawks and Two, and also grew up thinking it was normal to run tame through the pard house, sault house, hyena clan's territory, and even excursions down into the rat tunnels when things got weird. I went to Teratos, the monster kids' school, and it would be going too far to say that I didn't even know what normal life was, I understood for as long as I can remember that that wasn't me, and I very rarely resented it. I mean, my parents were superheroes. My Papá could raise the dead and killed evil vampires. My Dad escaped from locked cages in front of thousands of people. My Pop got nominated for the Pulitzer twice. My Mom fed everyone in the world, at least it seemed like that to me, and took care of a dizzying number of people while still being able to give Papá and even Teo a run for their money in the dojo.

    I started bussing tables at eight, waiting tables at eleven, working the line at fifteen. It's just how it is at a restaurant, and I loved it. I'll always love restaurants, I think, and kitchens. There's something almost magic about them, the orchestrated chaos and the constant activity and how food goes in one end and a meal comes out the other. What age I was when I started combat training even I'm not entirely sure. I would say ten, that's the first time we moved from the kind of basic martial arts classes that little kids everywhere are in to the kind of training where you're learning to actually hurt people, but after watching Teo start playing clapping and movement games with my little brother starting from when he was a toddler and knowing exactly how clearly those movements eventually turn in to basic combat footwork and unarmed blocks, I'd say probably I've been training a lot longer than that.

    Papá trained me and Mari in how to fight vampires from when we were about fourteen. Mari trained with us until she went to college, but it wasn't really her thing. I stuck with it until I went walkabout when I was nineteen, then got back into training as soon as I came back home.

    Infection right out of high school, and about eight months later when I felt like I was good with my cat I took a year and just traveled. Drove around from place to place, waiting tables to pay the bills. I visited Dad in Vegas, Pop in Moorebank, Mari in LA, but mostly I just traveled, kinda tried to find myself. Which, when I did, I figured out somewhat to my surprise (though apparently nobody else's, to hear them tell it) that what I wanted was what I'd had all along. The kitchen and the job.

    So I headed back home, did a year at Le Cordon Bleu Chicago for a certification, which was fun though I didn't actually learn a whole lot there that I didn't know but will actually ever use. Still, the Cert gives me some credibility, and it was fun learn how to make snob food. After that I just settled in to working at Hawks and Two, three days a week at Hawks and two days at Two to give my Mom and Kane real days off, and training and then working with Papá.

    I got my license two years ago, I can't tell whether my parents were proud or dismayed, but I knew this was the right thing for me. And for the last year or so I've been looking for a chance to strike out on my own. Not because I don't love Chicago, but just because it's time to do it myself.

    When Collin called about this gig with the Raj, it seemed like the perfect answer. Close enough to Collin that maybe our respective folks and overlapping families will believe that two grown adults will be able to look after one another even if they can't look after themselves, but a new city and a chance to really make my mark on this Winchesters place, make it mine the way that Hawks is Kane's and Two is Mom's. So here I am, loaded down with guns and kitchen knives, ready to do the same old thing in a whole new way.
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Where are you going?
    Hopefully I'm staying here. Helping get Winchesters opened up and running smooth, meeting new people, having adventures. I'm a little nervous about being in a Beastmaster's town, but all the gossip we could find said that Seattle's a pretty good place to be a shifter, so we'll see. I've got to go around to all the shifter leadership, show them the badge and explain how I do things, that's a little nervewracking, and I'll probably have to visit Shiloh at least once. But I'm hoping everybody will be reasonable, and that part of my life can be nice and boring.
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