OOC Rules, you must read these before applying
 Posted: Dec 1 2011, 12:59 AM

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  • Register your account with your character's first and last name. If they go by a nickname or just their last name or something, you can call that out in the application.
  • Title your application with your character's first and last name. Yes, even if they only go by a nickname or only their last name; again, that can be explained in the app itself.
  • Please do not post in any IC forum until your character has been accepted. OOC forums are fair game, but please don't post asking why you haven't been accepted yet (see next bullet point).
  • Applications will be reviewed within 72 hours of being posted, usually quicker. If they are approved as is, the application will be moved to Accepted Characters and the account set up. If there are any problems with the application, or the admins have any concerns about it, you will receive a PM at that account within the 72 hour window. Please don't be offended if an application isn't approved the first time it's posted, it's not a personal attack on you or your character, and the PM you are sent will outline the potential issues and, if possible, suggest ways to address those issues.
  • If for some reason 72 hours has passed and you haven't heard back on a new character application, please contact Briar or RixenRae and ask (politely!) why not. We try to stay on top of things, but there are always a chance that something slipped through the cracks.
  • Despite the presence of vampires, witches, werewolves and other such fantastical elements, the rules of statistical probability will apply to this world. This means that if certain character concepts are being overused, those concepts will be closed until the numbers balance out again. A list of closed concepts is maintained here, please check it before filling out an application.
  • There is a chance, small but real, that for some reason certain character concepts will be rejected outright. It might be because we have multiple characters with very similar backgrounds and skill sets, because the admin feels that the concept doesn't fit well with the world, or because for some reason it just doesn't seem like the character will work in this world. If that happens, you will receive a PM explaining why the character is being rejected and, if possible, an invitation to discuss the matter via IM if you like.
Age Restrictions and Adult Content
  • All Souls' Night is an 18+ writing forum and contains explicit sex and violence. Adult content is permitted, explicit violence is an integral part of the game, and we do not require a warning label in thread titles or content before things get either smutty or bloody. Sex and violence are always fun.
  • Please don't lie about your age. We'll figure it out, we'll ban you, and it will get ugly all around. There are no exceptions to this rule, and we will not bend on it.
OOC Behavior

Be Polite.

That ought to be the only rule needed in this section, but just to be sure that there are no misunderstandings:
  • If you have an issue with another player or character, PM them and politely explain your point of view, making a genuine effort to compromise and come to a resolution that you can both live with. If you truly cannot resolve the issue between yourselves, contact Briar or RixenRae and ask for help facilitating an outcome that everybody can live with. Do not bring your interpersonal issues into the OOC forums, C-Box, or (god forbid) IC game. We are supposed to be adults here, and civilized people do not air their dirty laundry in public.
  • Similarly, if you have an issue with the game, rules, plot, or perceived fairness of the game as a whole, contact Briar or RixenRae privately and put forward your concerns in a respectful manner, and they will be respectfully answered. If over the course of the discussion it seems that a public discussion is needed, we will initiate it in the OOC discussion forums and open it to all interested parties.
  • Backbiting, sabotage, deliberate cliqueishness, and above all any signs of passive aggression are absolutely unacceptable in any OOC interaction on this board. Any attempts to turn our perfectly lovely monster-infested urban horror world into a junior high school melodrama will be met with severe sanctions.
  • Basically? Just don't be an asshole.
Character Limits

As of board opening, there is no hardset character limit. However, two caveats:
  • Existing characters are expected to be integrated into the world before new characters will be accepted. Integrated does not mean having a boyfriend/girlfriend and never RPing with anyone else. Integrated means having multiple established relationships--cordial, friendly, loving, antagonistic, it doesn't matter as long as they're interacting with other people and working actively to join plots and events. If you have two characters sitting around doing nothing, or who only ever talk to their romantic partners, do not expect a third character to be accepted.
  • As mentioned above, certain character concepts and traits may be closed if there are so many of them already running around that it is unbalancing. The list of closed character concepts is updated constantly, and may not always be bumped/announced when it changes. It is always a good idea to check it before filling out a new character application.
Activity Checks

Once a month, more or less, an Activity Check will be posted. Players will have one week to respond with a list of characters that they're keeping active. Any characters that aren't listed as active will be deleted in the interest of minimizing bloat.

  • All characters must have a PB (Played By, aka Face Claim) who is a real person with a photograph. No anime characters, paintings, or drawings, please.
  • Your PB must be within five years of your character's age. If you want to use a PB who is significantly older than your character, but confine yourself to pictures of them from when they were around your character's age, that's fine, but anyone trying to app a sixteen year old character with a current picture of Angelina Jolie as their PB will be laughed at unmercifully.
  • You don't need to have a signature, but you must have an avatar. If you don't know how to make graphics, or don't like to, there are several players who love playing with Photoshop. Put up a request in the OOC Chat area and someone will fill it, promise.
  • Avatars must be no smaller than 100x100 and the preferred size is 200x300.
  • Signatures must be no larger than 500x250, and the preferred size is 500x200 or smaller.
  • Post templates are allowed and encouraged. The size limit for post template backgrounds is 500x600. Post templates with detached images should total no more than 600px in height and must never be wider than 500px.

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