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Master Belle Morte Vampire . 1159 . PROFESSION

Who are you?
    "It depends on what era you're asking about. My given name has been long since forgotten. I picked up my current name during a long stint in France. Can't say what drew me to it, but I liked it enough that it's stuck with me ever since." A good natured chuckle. "Yes, I only have one name. It's old, I can promise you that much. Older'n me, at that. And, I'll be honest, I'm pretty old myself. I have been many things in my life, or death, whichever makes you feel better. But, at the core of it, I am a humble man simply looking for a place to call home." The rich roll of laughter fills the room again. "I know, I know. Liar, liar, something, something.

    Back to the point, right dear? I'm a Belle Morte vampire, a Master at that, have been for a long time now. My animal to call? The jaguars. I don't have an animal servant and I certainly do not have a human servant. Yet."

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What do you want?
    "Sweetheart, I don't want for much of anything. I've been around long enough and I've accumulated enough wealth during that time that I'm not wanting. Well, I suppose I could do with a drink, but that's not really pertinent to your question. On a more serious note, I want Seattle to run smoothly, and the Court to run smoothly. Otherwise, there's so much paperwork to go through and it can be a pain. I've been part of this city for over a century, and I've come to love it almost as much as my native land. Enough that I will not be leaving any time soon and that I would rather it remain stable. For everyone's sake.

    I haven't fallen in love in centuries. And I've been considering the idea. Toying with it, really. The last person I fell in love with was Parisian whore, but a lovely one at that. However, don't mistake my musings as a man in desire of a true love. I've outgrown such fantasies, but the idea of love is still fun. And gaining it is far too easy for me.

    What do I want? Hmm....I want a servant loyal to me. One that is mine and mine alone. Not a sex slave, mind you, but someone I don't have to share. I do not currently have any such person. I did once, but that is not a story I'm willing to share. That, is the closest I can come to any real desire for myself and it'll have to do, my dear."

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Why are you here?
    "That's a very philosophical question, don't you think? You want to know my entire history, but it is not something I'm willing to simply share with you. It would take more than a week to divulge every little detail. You see, darling, I was born in the year 852AD. Yes, yes, that's right. I am 1159 years old. I'm ancient history in the flesh. Astonishing isn't it?

    I was born in the south Espana, or Spain as it is now called. I no longer remember exactly where I was born, for it was all just rich land at the time. I was twenty-two when my sire took me from my home. At that point, I was a married man with a farm of my own. I don't know what it was that caught her interest, maybe she was simply bored, but she took me from the bed I shared with my wife without disturbing her or my children. I don't know what they made of my disappearance, I didn't go back. And yes, my dear, I did say children. I was married by the time I was fourteen and my wife was pregnant within that same year. Society was younger in those days and families bigger. I think she got on well despite the loss, I gave her seven children to breed and marry off.

    One thing you should understand, the world was very different back then, people disappeared or died fairly often for a variety of reasons. So, although there may have been a grieving period, I doubt my wife wallowed in tears for the rest of her short life. I spent the first year of my death in my sire's castle in northern Spain. She tired of me after a couple of centuries and kicked me out. I danced around the various courts, human and vampire alike, for a long time. I was exactly 316 when I realized I could force someone to fall in love with me, I was in Athens at the time. After that, it was all down hill. I descended, for the next century, into a world of sex and deceit.

    In the thirteenth century, I wove a web of deceit around a noble house in Germany. I had quite a lot of fun seducing each of the family's daughters in turn. I think they have a legend about me now. I returned to Spain to find Celestine, my sire, had settled down as the Master of what is now Madrid. She, in turn, sent me away again in disgust with the order to regain some semblance of dignity before I appeared to her again. So, I went to England and kidnapped the youngest daughter of a influential family. I dragged her around Europe, using her ruthlessly until she broke six years later. She was a lovely thing, and she was the first person to teach me regret. I killed her to end her pain and fled to Scotland.

    I stayed for a while, toying with a few villages here and there, kidnapping young men to keep myself entertained. I was drawn away in the seventeenth century by the lure of France. It was in Paris, France that I met a young woman. I fell in love with her. It wasn't a romance story. She was a whore on the streets of Paris and I happened to like the way she looked. So I picked her up and kept her. She wasn't a sweet, naive girl and I wasn't a prince. But there was peace. I didn't force any feelings on her and she was too jaded to care what I was. Her name was Philomene and she was beautiful. More importantly, she was mine.

    I wasn't nice. I dragged her away from France and paraded her in front of nobility because I was feeling full of myself. She died after only half a century together, but it was enough. She was happy and, for the first time in my long life, it was important to me. She changed me in some ways.

    To cut an extremely long story short, I left for South America after she died, but found nothing to hold me there. So, I drifted north. About a century ago, I stopped in Seattle and settled down after a talk with Shiloh. I'm not bored anymore and I'm not kidnapping anyone at this time. I'm happy. Or as happy as a vampire entangled in modern day technology can get."

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Where are you going?
    "One day, I'll ask Shiloh for permission to leave Court long enough to see Celestine. It's been a long time, after all. For now, I'm content to stay where I am and write crazy erotica in my off time. What? Everyone has their hobbies."

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