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Dominga Velazquez
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Dominga Karime Velazquez

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Alpha Hyena . 32 . Ex-Athlete/Athletic Coach

Who are you?
    Name's Dominga. Most people call me Domi. Easier to pronounce. So, is this the normal welcome ceremony to Seattle? It's unusual. Right, back to your question. I'm just a woman passing through town. As quietly as possible. Look, you don't have to believe me, but it's at least partly true.

    Alright, then. I'm also an alpha hyena, currently clanless. I heard about the last bitch who passed through and tried to sink her claws into this city. Thought I'd swing by myself and see what all the fuss is about. Your City Master has an impressive reputation. That, or some enemies in SoCal.

    Try not to shit yourself. I'm not here to piss on some building in an attempt to stake out territory. I'm just curious. Well, mostly. Besides, Shiloh's reputation has garnered enough of my respect that I'll go to her with any intentions I might have first. I may not be a genius, but I'm smarter'n I look.
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What do you want?
    That's an odd question. Are you asking what I'm like or looking for my personal goals in life?


    I take it your silence means I'm supposed to interpret and answer the question however and you'll mark me down accordingly. Fine by me.

    I've been described by others as intelligent, determined and loyal. People have even been kind enough to give me nicknames such as bitch and hard-ass. I like to think I'm perfectly reasonable and, of course, drop dead gorgeous. Might make me narcissistic, but everyone has their faults. At least I'm not prone to fits of rage.

    Currently, I'm looking to settle down. Seattle is not the first city I've considered, but it is the first that has a fairly clean slate and no Clan. Depending on how things go, I'd like to seek the position of Oba and start a proper Clan here.
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Why are you here?
    I was born in La Jolla, California. Had as normal a life as can be. Apple pie life, some would say. The only interesting thing was the fact that my father failed to ever plant a son in his wife's womb. Which resulted in my career as an athlete. I've been in sports all of my life. Soccer in my youth and I transferred into volleyball once I hit puberty. I was good at what I did, loved it enough to really work hard. Got a scholarship into university because of it. Everything went to shit when I was infected in my senior year of college. I was twenty-two and everything I'd worked for was gone in that instant.

    I was forced to drop out of college because I was deemed too 'dangerous' and I lost any chance of ever going professional. I was taken into the local Clan despite the Oba's distaste for the whole thing. She took a liking to me, got me involved in the Clan. Amara taught me all the skills I know now and only kicked me out when I became alpha. I was too much competition at that point. I'm not bitter, I get why. Amara only allows females who are weak doms or subs in her Clan so that she doesn't have to worry about treachery from within.

    I left about three years ago, started wandering from city to city. And now I'm here in Seattle, a city which has no Clan. A clean slate to start anew.
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Where are you going?
    If we're done here, I'm going to go take a look around and then arrange for a meeting with the Master of this City.
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PM Shiloh or click one of those IM links down there.
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