A little heal, Shiloh
 Posted: Feb 21 2013, 9:59 AM

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Daniel wasn't so Keen on this meeting with the Master of the City. But after some convincing done by some members of the pack. He agreed to set a appoitment to see Shiloh.

Daniel didn't know what to actually say to the Master of the city or how to word his request. Not to mention that Daniel felt slightly odd and at aw wwith Moons., and the waiting room he was siting in. His entire life Daniel has lived on the "wrong side of the tracks". Being a fisherman son and all didn't have that many perks . Though Daniel didn't feel sorry for himself or embarssed about his upbringing. He just felt out of place in the luxurious hotel.

When he was finally able to proceed to the sitting room. Daniel pushed himself to stand with the aid of his black cane. His injured leg protested with aches and a sharp pain. That caused Daniel's face to grim and pale a little, but Daniel tighten his grip on his cane and ignored his body's wishes and moved into the sitting room. Daniel's tormentors did a faous job busting Daniel up for betraying them as a spy for the rats. His injures consisted of bruising from getting beat, broken bones, damage to some muscles and nerves in his arm from the use of silver blades. That's why his right arm was in a sling, hugging closely to his chest. There was a high chance that he might not get the use of that arm back. Even though Anthony's wolves did force him into wolf form and it did undo some damage. They wanted to steal away some of Daniel's humanity and forced him to stay in wolf form too long. His brown eyes were replaced by his silver, grey eyes of his wolf, and his teeth were more fang and canine now then human. On top of that like all of it wasn't enough, they were more than happy to rip Daniel apart again. He was very lucky that his pack members found him before they finished him off or Daniel died of blood lose.

Daniel sat across from Shiloh and her party that joined her where she was sitting. If the waiting room and hotel struck daniel with aw, and not belonging. Then this room hammered the nail home. Espeicailly how Daniel was dressed simply in a white tshirt and old faded jeans that started life as blue jeans but faded to an offbeat white color. Daniel put on a small smile toward Shilohand licked his lips before he spoke, "I don't want to take up your time. so i'll be straight to the point. My pack.... or what's left of it did what they could to heal me, and I'm simply too weak to myself." Daniel laughed dryly and mockingly toward himself. " Even as a weak dominat now. I'm not strong enough. What i'm asking Master of the city of Seattle Shiloh. Can you help heal me. Do you have enough power to heal me? Daniel asked with a bit of steel in his voice. his been the victim of too many people that were stronger than him. This time it had cost him a injured knee, leg and arm. Daniel was tired of it, tired of being the weakest of the litter, and at everyone else's mercy . If Shiloh could not help him heal himself. Then it was back to the drawing board. But one thing was sure Daniel didn't want to be weak anymore. He didn't want to see what happened to his pack happen again.

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