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 Understanding: Rats, please read before applying for a rat
 Posted: Dec 1 2011, 12:40 AM

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Here is the general information on the rat rodere. And while these are true the world over, each rodere does run a little differently. These small changes are normally due to different leadership standards.
  • Their group is called the Rodere, or referred to by each other as their Clan.
  • The leader is called the King, or Queen. This is not a mated pair, it's one or the other and sharing the leadership is incredibly rare.
  • No position in the Rodere is attained without a fight, even the Kingship, in which the successor is named. For this reason, Queens are also rare.
  • The full rat form a shifter takes is their regular human height, and they are just as carnivorous as any other predatory lycanthrope.
  • Wererats have a rather high amount of soldiers and mercenaries among them, and are far more likely to resort to using guns and other weaponry than any other type of shifter.
  • In fact, infecting anyone accidentally, or on purpose, that is not approved by the authoritative figure is a punishable offense. The punishment is severe, few survive it.
  • While other groups have a sense of democracy at times, the Rodere do not. They're a benevolent dictatorship. Break their rules and it's ugly. Exact dealings are different depending on the rodere.
  • Rats are strong people. They are not weak. They're fighters. They're stubborn. They generally have tempers however they have good control over their emotions.
About Seattle's Rat Clan
  • Garrett has been King for about 20 years.
  • Seattle's Clan leans heavily toward ex-military, even more so than other Clans, and tends to run much the same as the military.
  • Some recruits have been taken from a secret military special ops group consisting of shapeshifters, known (by few people, as it is a well-guarded secret) as Z-Unit. **If interested in making a character with this in their history, PM Shannon at John Garrett for further detail**
  • The Clan has a compound just outside of the city that consists of several buildings, including housing, a gymnasium, meeting place, building and small clinic. Detailed description to come.
  • Clan leadership is in transition. Garrett is looking to find someone to groom to replace him and recently the highest ranks have been taken through challenge by people he doesn't think can hold the spots for long.

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John Garrett
 Posted: Mar 10 2012, 7:30 AM

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Current Goings-On in the Clan:

--Garrett has recently married a human, Ash. While she's a Psychic, a Pyro, and an asset to the Clan as such, she's agreed to eventually be infected and is currently going through recruit training. Not all of the rats are on board with this move and there are unhappy rumblings.

--Garrett is actively encouraging people to challenge for the spots of his Lieutenant and Third as those currently in those positions (unnamed NPC) aren't as suitable as he would like. (AN: I'd like these positions as well as guard positions filled eventually by PCs).

--Kari is currently going through the paces to join the Clan.

--Jesse is also going through new recruit training.

--Jack has been taken and tortured. Garrett and the Clan will be working with Shiloh and her people to find the man responsible and make sure he pays.

Contact Shan via the Garrett account or C Box if you have a plot you'd like added or a character you'd like to participate in any of the above.

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