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 Posted: Jan 3 2013, 10:07 AM

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the preturnatural community, it seems someone's become a fan of you lot. So much so that they can't seem to stop themselves from writing about you.

That's right folkses, you're being fanfictioned (it could be a verb)! A snippet of one such fiction can be found here. It is not Great Literature. It really, really isn't.

No one's safe if they're at all in the public eye. Anyone who might make the gossip column or the entertainment sites, anywhere in the media, could wind up in a fic, and almost never with the person they're actually with. In fact, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to how people wind up in these stories together.

What would help, but isn't mandatory, is if y'all would give me a list of your chars you think would show up in a fiction, or chars you don't want to show up.

This is just for hilarity and fun, folks, no matter what shows up in future stories, it's all for the LOLz.

Happy reading!
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Bridget Awls
 Posted: Jan 3 2013, 10:26 AM

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Only character of mine I can think of would be Bridget for her work in the community theater and then being one of the infected at Halloween.

All I ask is that she not be in anything too smutty... she would die of utter embarrassment and never show her face in public again.
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Audrey Wyatt
 Posted: Jan 7 2013, 3:49 AM

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the laws of fanfic state that it leads to badly written, misunderstood smut. Sorry Bridget tongue.gif

Any and all of mine are likely to turn up but some I think would be funny...

- Drey and Van - because they are just so mate-y they are obviously gay for each other
- Cynthia - involved in something hard core, very fifty shades of grey with her out of control
- Cael - just for personal punishment since he is practically a virgin and I can see him getting obsessed with reading his own imagined sexual exploits all over Seattle.
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Annika Wyn
 Posted: Jan 7 2013, 4:31 AM

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Well, since Ral's already been written about, I guess I can throw some of my other kids up onto the sacrificial pyre:

- Elisha Salem: being Luc's first fledgling and a brand-new Belle, not to mention how body-shy she is, it would be interesting for her to get wind of the fact that people seem to write about her like she's a raging slut and doing it with any warm body that will lay down with her (though her total count is 3: Luc, Harrison, and that guy she mentioned doing right after she found out she was dying)

- Lily Mason: I could totally see someone writing about her being a kinky, school-age Lolita-type with a fetish for being tied up and whipped on a regular basis

- Vaarin Nadish: a merman and a blood donor, so what can't be written about him? My suggestion would be that he is actually carrying on a rather intense affair with Vanora, the well-known saltwater mermaid

- Maylin Long: yeah, she definitely needs to have something horribly smutty written about her, given that she hasn't gotten any since she came to Seattle

- Max Braxton: secret and closely-guarded affair with Aubry

- Semira Galenus: not-so-secret and not-so-closely-guarded affair with Aubry...but a secret one with Shiloh and Dri on the side

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Vengadise Winters
 Posted: Jan 7 2013, 6:10 AM

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Any of mine are fair game. From the public eye point of view, I think Vengadise would be the most obvious with her hotel, possibly Cameron for the same, and maybe Anders for being one of the Halloween infected. Fun!

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