History: Nov 2012, Anthony's Take Over
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 Posted: Dec 3 2012, 9:15 PM

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Anthony came to us on the third of October and just accepting him into our ranks caused some drama among the established inner circle of the pack. Anthony was the son of an Ulfric and his ambition nature made him a threat to the man who killed his father. Some say the man was weak for not killing Anthony. perhaps it was a deliberate hit against seattle. No can know for sure but the fact remains that Anthony came to the pack, and started working his way through the ranks within weeks of calling seattle home.

he bested Felicity on the 28th of October. She fought hard but Anthony was stronger and better then her. It was a fair fight and witnessed by Sara, the packs then Bolverk. Felicity submitted to Anthony's strength, giving him the title. Anthony challenged Warren on the 9th of November. The fight was witnessed by Sara, Chadlian, Erin and Leonardo and took place outside Warren's home. The fight was good and fair until Erin got involved which is against the rules of a hierarchy fight. Warren died after his heart was forcefully removed by Anthony.

Anthony officially challenged Ashton on the 19th of November. This fight was witnessed by the Ulfric Cabins inhabitants including his adoptive daughter Nicole and his new wife Annika. The fight was not easy and lasted longer then either of the fights that Anthony had taken part in previously. But Ashton won out, not by luck but experience. it could have gone either way and Ashton sustained some major injuries.

Ashton and Annika announced her pregnancy on the 24th of November, and the former Ulfric challenged Anthony late in the afternoon on the 27th. Ashton called Anthony out and offered him an ultimatum. Some in the pack believe it was this demand that gave Anthony the push he needed to win against Ashton, while others claim Ashton never quite fully recovered from his original confrontation with Anthony. Ashton Wyn died by a crushing blow to the back of the skull which was witness by a large percentage of the pack.

Since coming into power anthony has banned communication with the Munin and relieved Annika of her Lupa duties. He named Sara William his lupa and she now had the duel title of Lupa and Bolverk of the pack. Peter Su has taken the role of Freki while Jacob Booker remains as Geri of the pack. Thorn was demoted from hati and replaced with Tiffany. Zachary is still Skoll. Kara and Calab continue as Eros and Eranthe. anthony is looking at a bigger picture but he is yet to prove if his vision is feasible.
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