Building Bridges, Garrett
 Posted: Feb 25 2013, 8:49 AM

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Sheridan was looking outside the window dully, and let Yard drive tonight. Normally Sheridan would drive not trusting others driving skills to drive him anywhere. However Sheridan has been in a funk since Aria and his talk two nights ago. He was still coming to terms with her presence being gone from the house. There were times where he would turn to expect her to walk down the hall way into the living room give him a smile. Again it's already been two nights but Sheridan missed Aria and he was feeling a bit of lost without her. But like they say the world moves on, no matter who you are or if your going through strife, heart break, or war. The world moved ahead with or without you.

“We're here,” Yard spoke up bring Sheridan back from his funk a little. He ahead at the guards that were being illuminated by the headlights of his Jeep. They had arrived at the Rodere's compound a little earlier then the time Garrett and Sheridan discuss, but it was always better to be early then late. Sheridan prepared himself and got his A-game face on. Putting the full charm effect on by the time the guards came around both sides of the car to check them out. There was no way for the shifters to know that Sheridan was going through heart ache at the lost of Aria. When the windows came down on Yard's side. “Name and business for being here?” asked the guard. “My name is Sheridan, and this is Yard. We have an appointment with your King.” Sheridan replied.

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