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Kelly Jones
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Kelly Renee Jones

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human . 28 . curator

Who are you?
    !--- My name is Kelly Renee Jones and I work as an assistant curator at the SAM downtown. (Seattle Art Museum). I specialize in old things. In history and the objects that were there when the world changed. Art that came from the fingers of the person who saw Rome at its peak or Greece at its darkest. I can literally spend hours romanticizing an object in my thoughts. Looking at a brush I imagine the lady who held it, the sweep of her arm as it went through her curls, the cloudy mirror she would have used, the event she was readying herself to attend. It has been a habit of mind since I was a young girl so it was natural for me to major in both Art History and Anthropology. It's boring to many and there are a lot of people who forget about the history that bought us to the present. Yet...I never can. I never will. I am 28 years old and most of my life up to this point has been spent studying what I love. All those old, fragile things that people come to peer at and speculate about.---!
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What do you want?
    !--- I hear rumors. They've always been around...the rumors. About immortals who live for centuries. Of those who have lived to see some of the most amazing events in history. Whose hand may have touched one of the objects I care for daily in my work. I don't really believe its true, but if it is, I want to know. I want to know how they did it and how it can be done. I want to ask questions and get answers. That's what I want. But if it's not real, if those kinds of beings do not exist, then I want to become an expert in a specified field. There are so many specialties within my profession and once I figure out what it is I love the most, the that's where my attention will go. Until then, I'll slake myself with learning the ropes of SAM.---!
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Why are you here?
    !--- Because Mom went back to Boston and Dad followed her. Dad always follows her, when she wanted to live in New York City, when she wanted to try Hawaii, when she wanted to run a business in the Keys. Dad went along with it all,no matter what it did to me or to Josh. He's my brother and he stayed in the Keys because the party never ends there and Josh always loved a party. Me? I went to school... went some more, and some more, until there was no more degrees to attain. I can talk like a normal person, and then I speak like a true product of academia and burden a paper with so many citations it becomes impossible to read but a delight to those who yearn for that sort of thing. So, I am here because this is where my last degree was attained, this is where I procured a job, and this is where my family left me to pursue things they think will make them happy.---!
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Where are you going?
    !--- Someday I hope to be a curator at the British Museum of Art. It's the ultimate goal for those of my ilk. After I find out if those immortals are something real or just the hope of people like me. Once I get a chance to speak to one of those, if they exist, then I can focus on my work and climb the antiquated ladder of success to the greatest museum in the world. If they do not exist, that is still where I'm going. ---!
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