Law VS Lore, please read fully
 Posted: Jan 5 2012, 5:39 AM

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While this site does deal with super natural and fantasy themes (vampires, shifters and magic users) this is all placed within a real world which comes with laws that we all live and deal with at home. Taxes need to be paid, you can still get a parking ticket and if the crimes are bad enough you can spend time in jail. However there is some clashing when it comes to interacting within the legal system and allowing certain practices to continue for the good of the culture.

There are certain practices that each sub culture use daily that are simply part of who they are. Ritualistic killings for ownership is common within all shifter sub-groups while it is widely accepted that vampires keep slaves/pets, sometimes against their will. Obviously in our world it is not ok to keep a person as a pet, or to murder someone for the things they have. Here at "All Souls' Night' we have incorporated a system to help make things a little clearer.

The decisions of the law do work on a case to case basis but normally it will run something like this. When certain human laws are broken, for example the changing of a person under the age of eighteen, the human police force normally the RPIT branch will give the group 'acknowledgement'. This is to say that the human police force have seen the crime and they give permission for the culture to deal with it as their lore dictates. All of these acknowledgements are given under the assumption that final judgement of the crime will be done on their own land and therefore out of the public eye.

However there are times when this goes wrong and the human law must step in again. Most felonies will be handled as a lesser charge, but this depends on the officer in charge. They are able to work within the limits of the law as we know it and it is within their right to work with the minimum and maximum charges that can be delivered. Most killings will be given as a manslaughter charge rather then a murder charge, which is a minimum of two years with no bail. Lesser misdemeanour's will normally come with a suspended sentence

If you have any question of how the human legal system works within this setting please contact the admin staff - xoxo

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