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Andromeda Argyris
 Posted: Mar 4 2012, 1:33 PM


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March 4th, 2012     It would appear as though the next logical step within my path would be to simply give up. Yet, my desire to find this watch has only intensified with each passing moment of frustration. My roommates have claimed that my obsession would eventually get me killed, perhaps their momentary look upon my life could be true, but what sort of example do I wish to set if I give up in finding a watch that seems to be toying with my very existence. Certainly it isn't doing this on purpose since the watch is nothing more than an inanimate object, but everyone around this watch seems to have something against me as they stand in my way of finding it. Only helpful person in this case has been the woman who hired me. So, this leaves me in quite the crisis.    Even with all the problems this watch has given me, my brain and body refuse to simply give into the demands of this case. Perhaps I will need a fresh pair of eyes to review this case for me. Hopefully then they will be able to spot where this item may have gone since it has passed through many hands only to come up quite missing. Honestly, this watch is becoming less and less worth the pay.

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