Odyllic Psychic, auras and nutition
Vivica Brown
 Posted: Jan 14 2013, 2:39 AM

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Odyllic Psychic - Vivica

The Odic force was first described by Baron Carl von Reichenbach in the mid ninteenth century but people had been living with the conditions for years. being intuned with the Odic Force means being able to see the aura of all living things including people, plants and animals. Vampires do not have an Odic aura since they are dead, however just before reanimation at sunset there can be a flash of light which quickly fades. It is believed the power is due to diluted fae blood in a human body but the evidence is not clear.

Unlike other Aura concepts like prana and qi, the Odic force is not as associated with breath, but rather mainly with biological electromagnetic fields. The Odic force has a positive and negative flux, and a light and dark side however this isn't to be confused with good and evil. Individuals can forcefully produce it, particularly from the hands, mouth, and forehead however most people are not aware they have this kind of power. These people are called Odyllic Psychics. They tend to be warm to touch, much like shifters.

Odic force had many possible applications and can take years to master. People who are Odyillc psychics are normally so from birth although their claims of seeing double or colours that weren't there are normally dismissed as childhood imagination. People who are around Odyillc Psychics and do not know it can be in grave danger. Unchecked the individual can accidentally kill by absorbing the electromagnetic field, or Aura of the person.

If the individual practices with the Oric force they can start to manipulate the personal aura and give drug like state of unbalance which includes hallucinations and emotional highs and lows. this is extremely difficult and with continued abuse of the power both psychic and subject can have long term side effects.

Perhaps the biggest tell tale sign that someone is an Odyllic psychic is they have no appetite and when starved from natural interactions, be it with humans, animals or plants, the person will grow weak and eventually die. For this reason the Odyllic psychic is sometimes dubbed a psychic vampire since they survive on the Odic Force of the living things around them. They are also natural green thumbs, only finding satisfaction only from eating fresh fruit and vegetables.
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