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Nori Miyazaki
 Posted: Apr 22 2012, 1:12 AM

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Hello all! biggrin.gif My name is Berriez short for Strawberriez! Of course that's not my real name but I prefer to stay behind the curtain.

I found you guys by accident actually, I am part of another game called Age of Extinction and we had a ad for you guys! So of course being nosy I checked it out and low and behold, a game based off LHK! looooooooove!

Super impressed with it so far, the Trailer totally sold me! happy.gif

So far I just have crazy little Nori Miyazaki. She's a Humans' First contractor under wraps but on the surface she's a computer programmer. She's incredibly biased and hates vampires with a fiery passion. Shifters, she really could care less about but still creates propoganda for both Vampires and Shifters in kind because that's her job.

I'm considering yet a second character but so far I'm not sure what to create. Hope I get to talk to/play with you all very soon. Please feel free to PM me on here or if you have AIM @ Broknvirginityww.

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 Posted: Apr 22 2012, 11:40 AM

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Hiya, Berriez, and welcome! I'm Briar, I'm head admin by default because I'm the officious one.

I've got an embarrassing number of characters, ranging from a sparrow tailor to a vampire who runs an internet porn site to a perfectly nice young human man who just happens to pimp out a group of swanmanes to the vampire court. I'm around the board a lot, as I have no life, so I'm always up for a thread or a question or just chit-chatting.

Fair warning, I have this weird blindness where I miss what's going on in the c-box, sometimes for hours on end. So far and away the best way to reach me is to hit me on IM, followed by PMing my Shiloh account. That's the one account I'm guaranteed to check every day, some of the others (including Briar, my admin account) can go days without being checked.

Anyway, again, welcome to ASN. We're glad to have you here and I'm really looking forward to playing with you.

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Annika Wyn
 Posted: Apr 22 2012, 12:14 PM

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Hi, Berriez!

Welcome to ASN! I'm Kriss, one of the peons around here...or maybe one of the grunts...I dunno.

Anywhoo, I've got quite a few characters running around here, and a vast array of the, too. Going from a neurotic gamer girl to the human Lupa and vargamor of the pack to a healing faeblood nurse (need to know my kids? Go here. I'm on mostly on the weekends, but I manage to squeeze in some board-time between class and work.

If you wanna toss one of your kids my way, just hit me up on PM. Since Nori is a programmer, she might get along pretty good with Kaitlyn, my neurotic gamer and software programmer working on contract with the Court (not a fan of vampires, herself, but the pay's good).

Welcome to ASN! Hope you have a blast!

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