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Jeriko Laguardia
 Posted: May 29 2012, 12:03 AM

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Well this looks like as good a place to get started as any, so~.

Hi guys, I'm Jane, I'm twenty-three, and I've been flapping around in forums for a while now. I'm a bit of a sucker for the dark urban fantasy genre so obviously this looked like a pretty nifty board to perch on. Jeriko is the brainbaby I'm bringing to the table here, and knowing me there'll probably be a slew more in the not-too-distant future...

I live in Australia, I'm a first-year nursing student, and I draw inappropriate things. I'm almost limitless in terms of what I'll write; if I'd actually physically perpetrated even just a quarter of stuff I've ever committed vicariously through fictions of my imagination via text I would... probably be sitting in a padded cell wrapped up in a strait jacket and slurping jello through a rubber straw 8D.

I hang out at mynameisradish on AIM, feel free to hit me up if doing so tickles your fancy or, y'know - whatever else is ticklish. I look forward to meeting some peeps and coordinating hijinks and all the good stuff~.
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 Posted: May 29 2012, 12:19 AM

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Hiya Jane! I'm Briar, this board is my baby and I've already got a ridiculously large slew of characters. I'm in the southwestern U.S., on a very strange sleep schedule, and proud (or occasionally defiant) possessor of a useless degree, a six year old daughter and the kind of vast spread of useless knowledge that liberal arts majors only dream of achieving.

I genuinely fear that my internet search history will get me watchlisted by the kind of government agency who doesn't take 'I was doing research for roleplay' as an excuse but how can I possibly be expected to torture and decapitate an NPC if I don't know which blood vessels need to be tied off as my character works?

Anyway, welcome, glad you're here. If you want to get a thread or threads going with any of my disreputable brood just hit me up on AIM (handle there is BlueRoseBriar) and I'd love to play.

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PM Shiloh or click one of those IM links down there.
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John Garrett
 Posted: May 29 2012, 6:17 AM

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Hi there Jane!

I'm Shan (or Wisteria, if we're using handles, heh) and I'm...older than most people here, hee. I'm also a nursing student, just finishing up my first semester, which is why I've been a bit scarce. They've been keeping me insanely busy. But that's winding up soon and I get the summer off to play, whee!

Anyway, I also have two small children, one almost three year old and one just about five month old, both of whom I tend to babble about a lot.

Like you and B, there's just about nothing I won't write and I, too, am worried there's a file out there on me due to some of the things that have come from this IP.

My list of chars is here, though it needs updated to include my sociopath werebear and the St. James brothers. But still, it's a decent enough group.

As you can see, I play the rat king as well as another couple of rats, any of whom I'd been happy to play with Jeriko any time you want. Like I said, I'm a bit slow right now, but if slow doesn't bother you, hit me up!

Welcome to ASN!

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Randolph Connelly
 Posted: May 29 2012, 6:56 AM

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Howdy, Jane - good to see someone giving us a psych profile from the get-go. Lawd knows this site is filled with a hodge-podge grab bag of psychotics already - what's one more?

Name's Lore, native of Chihuahua, Mexico with a student visa in Texas, currently one year away from being an official DVM. No kiddos like Briar and Shan, but I am the proud daddy of four kittens at the moment, so there's that.

I have a questionable habit of playing morally reprehensible (or at least morally ambiguous) characters - just love dem villains. Randolph Connelly and Jonathan Strange are my two evil babies, and Rajiv Shaikh is my one poor normal brainchild, so feel free to give them a spin if the mood strikes you.

Welcome to the board - I'd say get out while you can, but I think it's already too late. There's no escape once ASN gets its sticky clutches on your soul.

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Cynthia Musashi
 Posted: May 29 2012, 1:22 PM

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g'day from your fellow Aussie! I'm RixenRae and I stalk any board B makes. I have about 20 characters here and happy to do everything and anything. I like to have a character who is free to play in any situation that comes up. The fact that Shan, B and myself have questionable digital histories only makes our case worse when the CIA knock down our doors.

I'm from Sydney, currently in my fourth year of my teaching degree and it is true what they say, you do spend the first year sick. But it has some perks so I suppose I will stick to it tongue.gif I am currently on my prac, so that is why my posting as been slow.

I have a fiance and one child, a seven year old named Lestat (because I am one of those cruel mothers tongue.gif) and like most mothers I talk about my kid way to much. I swear I have a life outside the home... not much but it is a life tongue.gif I watch way to much tv, and these shows will randomly influence more characters. Such as Aubrey after watching The Walking Dead. I really need help tongue.gif

I only have MSN but feel free to private message anyone I play here if you wanna play. Just leave me a message in the cbox which one you messaged because some characters go for days without me logging into them
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Vengadise Winters
 Posted: May 29 2012, 3:33 PM

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Hiya Jane! smile.gif I’m Cindy, and I live across the ditch in little ol’ New Zealand. I have a couple characters on here, this one Ven, and also Anders.

I’m 24, I live with my boyfriend and I work in the city as a Travel Consultant. Since I’m on a computer for most of the day, I’m usually lucky enough to poke my nose in on the board at work, and then most of the time at night between normal life and hockey practice and games.

I’m just about to head off on a holiday, but you’re welcome to add me on AIM or PM me, and I’ll catch up on it when I’m back in a week. smile.gif So welcome and I’m sure you’ll find ASN as addictive as the rest of us do!

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