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On the corner, deep within the vampire district sits a building that had been closed for years, collecting dust and rumours. If it's walls could talk, the stories would keep you entertained for many life times over. It seems that only the most intriguing individuals are drawn to it. Some say it is cursed, some say the building has been blessed. The difference is up to the individual. Finally it has been renovated and turned out into one of the hottest clubs ever conceived in this century.

The building might look familiar to some people and that is because it was once upon a time a very busy hotel that served Seattle before vampires came out to the public. But it was a building that was easy to forget until suddenly out of no where you hear of a new grand opening and the building is once again at the forefront of interest. Back then it was a cheap but decent building that could be hired for small stays within the town. It was bought by Lucien when the town was separated into different distracts and the hotel was now firmly in what was growing to be the vamp district. He never planned for it to be anything really. He was just interested in the unique history.

Indiana however saw potential and together they realized how much of it needed to changed. Personally Lucien saw to all renovation decisions, ensuring the best for his coming pets and the club he was planning to ignite beneath it. Drawing on his theatrical personality, Lucien took the building, keeping its outside structure but turned the inside into a red, gold and black wonderland of lust and pleasure. Of course the upper levels are reserved for Lucien and his pets only, each room being decorated to reflect the personality of those who serve him
With a line that wraps around the casino and clubbers waiting anxiously to get in, the bouncers on Lucien's pay rolls ready to handle anyone who tries to slip them a little extra to see the inner sanctum, Pulse is doing something right. Probably the most hyped club out of Seattle thanks to its association with the Lucien, and the hard work of his assistant Indiana. Open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night the stiletto'd and besotted Seattle-ians will wait up to two hours in line to experience the unique festivities that have put Pulse on the map. The styling of the club is dark, filled with lush reds, golds, purple and black hues. Never one to shy away from the theatrics of the night, Lucien has installed fourteen-foot fireballs that light up an elevated dance floor as glistening bodies dance to a beat that is so contagious, the dancing water fountains struggle to keep up. Music ranges from trance and house to hip-hop, and a lovely wait staff ferries expertly-mixed cocktails from the bar to packed tables. Although don't be shy and come right up to the bar if you like to take the bull by the horns so to speak.

From the outside the building seems to be a four story architectural masterpiece. However once inside and past the bouncers, you see the ground floor and the first floor open open up to a stellar room. While the dance floor is located downstairs, the upstairs areas are not without their own delicacies. Upstairs has six private sky boxes decorated in red and blacks with balconies overlooking the elevated stage dance floor below. Food is available, although be warned it is expensive, but those with deep pockets will enjoy the seafood fare of oysters, crab cakes and other oceanic foods from the appetizer menu. Don't be confused. This is very much a dance club and not a restaurant and any idea of confusing the two, well you should feel ashamed. Circular black booths ensnare patrons, who need only to glance up at the state-of-the-art lighting system. Strapped to an industrial style, mechanical truss structure, the lights moves wildly above the dance floor and shoots out fireballs. The visual effect is unforgettably incandescent and better suited for Vegas then a little town like Seattle, but Lucien is a man who likes what he likes. and isn't ashamed to tell the world exactly how he likes it

Although the club can be quite full on for a regular evening, the mix of hot and cold, the water and fire theme flowing carelessly together throughout the club, there are some nights where Lucien shows off just a little more then he normally would. Bringing in global dj acts from around the world, Lucien likes to treat his guests and his customers with the added visual effect. Beautiful people crawl out of the woodwork at this mammoth nightclub where male and female dancers gyrate on suspended platforms from the ceiling, adding an extra flair to the already visually dynamic club. And if you dress to impress, well maybe the generous bartenders take that extra second before lifting the liquor bottle from your drink.

While it is a functioning club, Lucien has several people who work for him and with him that need to have some place to sleep. The traditional third floor was completely renovated to his custom plans to create a small but full contained living space for the people of the club that need it. The third floor can only be reached by pressing a special code into the elevator keypad. This code is a safety measure and should not be freely given to outsides of the club. While each bedroom suite gives the occupying person all they would need for most day to day living, Lucien was sure to set out some firm spaces for the others to interact and not become hermits within their own house. A communal space was created that holds a modern kitchen which is stocked for the people who live at Pulse.

Elisha Salam lives in an organized living space that has a clear feminine theme with hints of her past in the decorations. Soft pinks and purples dominate the room and although it has several large windows, they are closed tight during the day as she sleeps. She shares this room with her favourite fox Harrison Lee with her other food found in a less elaborate but still nice bedroom. Lauren and Benjamin have never shown any jealousy of Harrison's privilege state of living, but it must sting a little

Also on the floor there is Lucien's personal assistant, local mermaid Lyrica. She was taken by Lucien from the local university for her knowledge in business once Indiana left to follow Dante and create a snake nest. Lyrica sleeps in a room decorated in shades of blue. She has always wondered if it was luck or design that gave her this room. She doesn't spend much time here though, either busy in the club itself making sure that it runs smoothly or she can be found at her desk outside Lucien's office.

Lucien always had a thing for twins, from the days he was a mortal man to now he has collected pairs. Recently he had Victoria and Elizabeth but they left during his time as a mortal man at the end of 2012. But they were promptly replaced by Grace and Tegan Rossetti, two human girls who are happy to bare their throats and spread their legs when Lucien calls for it. They share a room which had started as two separate rooms but Lucien knocked down the middle wall to open it up for them. They might be twenty two years old but Grace and Tegan like sharing their room since they share everything else in Pulse.

Also on the third floor is Lachlen, Lucien's Pomme de Sang. He lives now as a ghost of the man he used to be when he first came to live at Pulse in 2012. His bedroom is plain and has all the basic needs a young man could need. lachlen can mostly be found sitting outside Lucien's office on the fourth floor.

The entire top floor of the building is dedicated to Lucien and the only way into the space is for the correct key to be turned while in the elevator. All of his pets have a key to the upper floors and can reach him whenever he is needed, but it is a privilege and not a right. If they disobey, this is normally the first privilege that is taken from them and it is very hard to get this privileged returned once it is taken. Lucien is not a man who forgives quickly. His office is the main space of his top floor apartment, and where most people find themselves when they are there visiting. Lucien really is all about business even though it may seem to the outside world that he is more interested in pleasure.

The piano to the side is not played much and more for decorative purposes then for playing or entertaining. Lucien does play a little but if you hear him playing stay free from the area. It is normally only during his darkest hours that he takes to the piano keys. The walls are all made of bullet proof glass and heavily tinted so he can look out on the city that was once his but people can not see him directly. There are other homely comforts that take up this level of the building. Lucien doesn't use the kitchen himself. It is more for decorative purposes and for the rare times he actually entertains for long periods of time. The kitchen is kept modern electronically speaking and holds almost any gadget you would need to prepare any meal you wish. However the room has twists of his personal tastes within the decor. he may not eat there but he does enter the room on occasion and he wants what he sees to be personally pleasing.

Obviously since the vampire is forced to meeting with different people throughout the night in his personal space, he keeps some areas just for him and the very few special people in his life. Recently he started sharing the bedroom space with his human servant Matheus One wall is dedicated to a walk in wardrobe that holds all his clothes. Not many people know this but Lucien loves to bathe. It takes him back to a better, and more simple time in his life. And the arrangement of his bathroom decor shows this side of him. When you first enter you find a parlor with a mirror and sinks, all in black and white detail. Behind one black curtain you find a black spa. Through the other curtain and you are faced with a luxury shower suite.

Lucien likes to offer his pets every luxury in life since they in return give him life. Very rarely does he ever venture to the roof of his own club, and so this place is strictly for the ones he lives with and their guests if they ever bring any up. With the glorious sights of the ever growing city around them, it seemed only fitting with his rock star life that Lucien have all the comforts of a rockstar, and what kind of home would be caught without a pool. Midnight skinny dipping anyone? although normally the roof is deserted at night because the blood dolls and his assistants are with Lucien and prepared to fall at his very voice. it is more likely you will find someone up here during the day, relaxing after a hectic night perhaps. or perhaps they are just trying to feel a little more human , by doing something that is as common as breathing and that is relaxing by the pool and working on their tan lines while their master sleeps.

At first the entire roof was going to be dedicated to the pool and a small shack for storing supplies and fun for the pool, but after Indiana demanded a garden sanctuary, and the others living within the complex backed her up on the demand, Lucien finally gave in and allowed a rather generous section of the roof to be turned into a peaceful meditation garden for everyone's use. Like most of the things his pets seem to need and can not live without, Lucien doesn't have time for it. Lucien was never really one with nature and although he can appreciate the natural beauty of the lake that he can see from his office windows, the vampire prefers the safety that often comes with man made structures of metal, wood and brick. But his other guests seem to enjoy the foliage and if they are happy then Lucien is happy.
    Lucien is a belle morte vampire who lives up the blood lines reputation. He is a lover of love and never held back from experimenting with what that means in modern times. recently he has been experiencing many new things which left his head spinning. Turning his wife, finding a human servant and the accidental mental abuse of his Pomme de Sang, Lucien feels quite overwhelmed and of course missing his lady love Indiana.

    Matheus came into Lucien's life so conveniently that for the beginning of their relationship Lucien thought he was planted by Indiana but apparently he was giving his snake to much credit. Matheus wasn't looking to find himself a vampire lover when they met. A bit of fang and flesh and nothing more, but there was a spark between from the beginning. And now he holds three of the four marks that will tie him to Lucien for eternity.

    Elisha came to give Lucien closure and he in retuned saved her life. Suffering from cancer, Elisha also holds the spiritual memory of Lucien's long dead wife mary. Often Lucien calls her only this when they are alone, and often when they are with guests. He loves and cares for in her ways that Elisha might never understand and would never kick her out of his home for as long as he had a home for her to stay in. Lucien takes their long ago marriage vows seriously.

    Harrison Lee was one of the out of town blood dolls that Lucien paid to bring to Seattle and feed Elisha when she was first embraced. Harrison took to the bite like a natural and he seems to be encouraging elisha to leave her shell and embrace the vampire persona she now had. Only time will tell if Harrison succeeds or will Lucien kill this loud mouth, centre of attention fox first?
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