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Jenzie Moore
 Posted: Oct 16 2012, 10:15 AM


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~_~_~_~ Hi, and welcome to the show! Here are the layouts of my characters. Each one has their own personality and traits. They're all different and unique in their very own ways. Feel free to plot with them. ~_~_~_~

Jenzie Jaclyn Moore
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Human / Empath. 18
Jenzie, she's calm and enjoys the night life. She hardly knows anything
about her empathic abilities. She can sense things around her, such as the air around her. Feelings when around others, feeling of what they're feeling. Before she had moved to Seattle with her parents, she was told by a witch she's a psychic with empath abilities. A little freaked out, Jenzie didn't show any sign of it. She was more confused about it all than anything else.
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Needs: She needs someone to explain to her about the town a little bit more. A relationship, someone to take care of her, or someone she can take care of. Someone to teach her a little bit more about her Empath ability, and how to use it., friendships.
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Sasha Lyn Kerstiens
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Wolf / Submissive. 23
Sasha is pretty much kept to herself. She's a musician, and loves to perform. While performing, she feels at ease and calm. She works for the Court as a blood doll. She doesn't really mind, yet not so sure about it just yet.
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Needs: Someone who she can trust and friends.
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 Posted: Oct 26 2012, 3:21 PM

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hey hun I have some ideas.

    [GRAEME isn't an empath but he sees ghosts so he knows what it is like to be judged and neglected by society for something you can't help. He knows a lot about the city since mostly all of the people he talks to are locals (dead people count tongue.gif) I think they might be able to help each other out in the friendship department.

    TIA was born part fae but due to her upbringing she doesn't know a whole lot about who she is and where she came from so they have that in common. She is fairly new to Seattle and works as an exotic dancer but has her sights set on the new escort service so she can closer to court and hopefully find a fae mentor

    CHRISTOPHER is head of the Many Moons blood dolls so they should probably thread once just for the formality of it all. I think they could be good friends, but if nothing else could have a good professional relationship

    MURPHY is a street performer and believes that she doesn't have the talent to take it very seriously. But she would love to have other musician friends to jam with during her final year of high school before she has to grow up. she is wolf kin, so she understands what it means to be a werewolf even though she isn;t one.

So if any of them catch your eye, let me know doll - xoxo

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find me on the cbox and negotiate, or add my MSN down there - xoxo
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Daniel Fischer
 Posted: Oct 28 2012, 8:35 AM

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Jenzie & Andrew: Andrew is a musician who himself only been in Seattle for a few months, and a up and coming mage. He didn’t learn about his powers until meeting his boss Sheridan. Since then Andrew has gotten the basics of his abilities with the help of his tutor, who recently went M.I.A. I can see a friendship blossoming, and they can both help each other out in the power department.

Sasha & Daniel: Friends defiantly, other than that I’m open to anything.

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Sasha Kerstiens
 Posted: Oct 28 2012, 9:34 AM

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-Jenzie & Andrew- I can see them getting along, and even curious about his abilities. She enjoys learning anything new about the town. She knows about the creatures that lurk around, but not all of them. I can see them being friends and maybe develop a strong relationship. Even though she's young, she's mature and can be a little bit naive at times.

-Jenzie & Graeme- She would be interested in his abilities and to even know him a little bit more. I see friendship between them but nothing more than just friends. She's mature for her age, and even a little bit naive.

-Jenzie & Tia- It would be great to have a friend who is female. Jenzie would also find it interesting to know of another creature who won't cause her any harm. And to just be friends with a girl and do things a girl should do.


~Sasha & Daniel~
So far I love the fact of Sasha meeting Daniel. They share the similarities of leaving their families, and music and performing wise too. I can see them being friends down the line, and maybe grow a little bit more. We'll see how things turn out.

~Sasha & Christopher~ That would be a good idea for that to happen. I'll get a post started soon smile.gif. As for a professional relationship possibly likely to happen. It'll be different for her, and might even freak out a little bit. But long as she will be able to stay calm, everything will be alright.

~Sasha & Murphy~ I can see Sasha and Murphy getting along. She wouldn't mind doing any jam sessions with her, and just to have someone to jam with during these hard times of what she's going through. smile.gif
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