The Pit, getting your ass beat for fun
Jonathan Strange
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In the late 1800's this building was little more than a shipping warehouse on the outskirts of Seattle's business district. After the great fire of 1889, the new city streets were regraded five feet above the building's ceiling, and it was buried under the new city, unattended and unknown for over a hundred years. In 2004, however, Jonathan Strange found himself in the market for a discreet, difficult-to-reach location for his budding business, and after some time scrounging through the derelict districts of the Undercity he came upon it, and took a shine to it.He claimed it for his own, and poured thousands of dollars into refitting and equipping it to suit his needs, though he kept the Post-Industrial architectural style largely intact by aesthetic choice - red brick and iron, rivets and beams. He had the walls sound-proofed, the foundations strengthened, traces of black mold purged, and the various intact rooms outfitted to his pleasure, eventually ending up with what is now The Pit, equipped with a caged arena, infirmary, training room, and Jonathan's own quarters - the latter of which is located on the second level, under lock and key.Where the Party Is The door doesn't look like much, embedded into the exterior wall, but it's the only door that isn't welded shut (aside from the back exit, which only Jonathan and trusted employees have access to), and remains locked from five in the morning to seven at night. At seven it is unlocked, and employees start filtering in, setting up for the long night ahead - fighters often drop by this early to talk and warm up, but very few patrons are around at this time. At ten p.m. the club is officially open, and the brunt of the night's crowd arrives, going up the first staircase into the Red Room, where fights will take place one after the other staring at eleven p.m. and ending at three a.m. The Red Room isn't, in fact, red - rather, it is named for what goes on inside of it. There is a bar along the wall adjacent to the door in this pentagonal room, fast-paced, aggressive music assaulting the ears of patrons, light shows and pyrotechnics applied both during fights and at scattered intervals to keep the blood pumping; in the center of the room there is a large circular hole in the floor, circled by a chain link fence, and looking down that hole one has a perfect view of the pit for which the club is named, at the bottom of which is an octagonal caged platform - the arena. The cage is specifically designed to contain raging shifters, and the saying goes; "You don't get out till you're let out." The fighters enter it through the basement level, and the platform is possessed of a variety of faded stains that either refused to come out, or were left deliberately for effect - there's no question just what goes on down there. The ring leads directly into the infirmary, which is equipped to deal with most trauma injuries two people can acquire whilst beating each others' brains out - it isn't pretty, and you won't find any registered M.D.'s working here, but the medics are handpicked by Jonathan, and they all know exactly what they're doing. They won't try to pretty up your scars, but they'll keep you in fighting shape.From the infirmary, you can reach the training room, which is equipped with a smaller practice arena, along with punching bags, weight sets and other exercise paraphernalia, a place to vet new prospects, practice, or let off some anxiety before a big fight. Off the training room is a combination locker room and communal shower, because let's face it, fighters are going to get filthy in there, and they need a place to store their valuables. It's spartan, simple, and functional. A stairway leads back up from the training room to the main floor and the Red Room, though this door remains guarded while fights are going on in order to avoid any attempts at rigging. When some of your patrons are capable of mind control, you can never be too careful.At the back of a long hallway leading off the Red Room there is an elevator that requires a key to use - a key only Jonathan Strange possesses. The second floor is where he lives, and only he has gone up there since it was refit six years ago.The Three RulesIn The Pit there are three major no-no's. They are accompanied by a host of minor rules that are little more than common sense, but these are the ones that, when violated, might just get you killed. Be aware of them.No killing, dismembering, or permanently crippling your opponent. Never. If you look like you're getting close to killing your opponent, the hired muscle will step in and pull you off, and you will be banned from the fights. If you actually manage to kill your opponent, Jonathan will kill you.No rigging fights. This rule primarily exists to stop vampire gamblers from Rolling combatants into losing or similar. If you are caught using mind control, or fixing fights in any other manner, you will be forcibly and permanently removed from the premises. Any injuries you sustain during this process are considered justified.Don't rat. The Seattle police don't have much jurisdiction in the Undercity, and The Pit is pretty far out of the way, but if by some chance the cops actually do manage to find and cause trouble for the establishment because of you, Jon will kill you. No exceptions.The StaffJonathan Strange. The head honcho, the man in charge, the big cheese - Jon makes sure The Pit runs smoothly, runs the numbers, keeps the cash and amenities flowing, recruits the fighters, organizes the fights. The Pit is his baby, and he's been known to do some serious damage to anyone who breaks the Three Rules - he's got a notorious temper, and thirty years' experience in street fighting has made him a man to be feared. He is, however, just as well-known for his generosity; he pays his people very well, takes good care of them, and as such he doesn't have to stoop to intimidation nearly as much as one would expect.(NPC) Kavec Beidermeier. A werewolf Jonathan met while traveling through Austria; the two fought with and against each other for years, parting ways when Jon moved on to Greece. Years later Jon called Kavec from Seattle and offered to pay his way to the U.S. if the wolf would work for him, and he agreed - now Kavec heads security at The Pit, making sure patrons don't get out of hand and separating fighters that are getting a little too close to killing each other. Kavec isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's reliable, and good at what he does.(NPC) James Whitman. Once a combat medic with the British Special Forces, Jim was mauled by a wereleopard during war, and when he returned home he found himself unable to readjust to civilian life. He ended up pit fighting in France, where he met Jon, who would much later offer him a job patching up fighters at The Pit. He's not gentle, but he's skilled, and he'll get you put back together if you can manage to sit still long enough for him to get around to it.(NPC) Lisa Hall. Jon likes to refer to Lisa as his 'walking Swiss Army Knife'; name a fighting style, and odds are this feisty hyena knows it. She's actually a fairly new addition to his team, born and raised in Seattle - she started out as a fighter, then wormed her way into Jon's employ with her skill. Now she spends most of her time training and conditioning the combatants, although she also assists Kavec and his security staff in keeping out the riff-raff.(NPC) Lawrence McMillan. Some years back Larry, a werefox and well-established gambling addict, found himself deep in debt with the wrong sorts of people, struggling to pay back what he owed before he found himself hobbling around on broken legs, or worse. He bet almost constantly on Ireland's underground werefights, hoping to win back his money, and Jon, for better or worse, saw fit to lend him a helping hand - for a price. Lawrence is a mathematical genius, and he now works for Jon in The Pit, keeping track of the gambling circuit and its proceeds, as well as the club's general finances. He isn't permitted to gamble.
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