Coming Home to Roost : Swan Plot, swan-focused, open to others
 Posted: Feb 17 2013, 4:06 PM

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We're going to run a minor plot based around the birds. This isn't meant to be a board-wide thing, though non-swans are certainly welcome to be involved, it's just a minor political kerfluffle that will revolve around the swans, their nearest and dearest, and small handful of vampires.

The Swan King, Donovan Reece, is finally sick and tired of the Seattle swans defying him and is coming to town with the intention of putting down their rebellion once and for all. But, knowing better than to try to retake control of his birds with guns or lawyers, he's using a combination of emotional manipulation and metaphysical warfare.

And so Reece will be arriving in Seattle with an entourage made up of people from the swans' pasts. Whoever they fear and hate most, whatever they're running from, the Swan King will be planting squarely in their paths in an attempt to terrorize his wayward birds back into submission.

In this, he'll be opposed by the bird group and their allies. The confrontation will take place over a period of about four days of game time, and at the end of it the swans will either be free of Reece's influence or back under his thumb for good.

So here's how it's going to work. Every PC swan can either choose to NPC their own menace-from-the-past or to submit a temporary character request for them. I'm not expecting these antagonists to be fully fleshed-out characters or anything, but any player who'd like to get a little evil on is encouraged to pick up one of these requests and let their dark side out to play for a few days.

Sound fun? I hope so. Here are a few facts and rules about this plot:
  1. If you currently play a PC swan, please full out a character request form so that somebody can pick up their personal nightmare. (If, of course, you haven't decided that you'd rather NPC the antagonist yourself.)
  2. If you don't currently play a swan or a PC who's attached to one in some way, consider picking up an antagonist and getting your sadist on for a little while.
  3. If this plot sounds to you like a great reason to app a brand new swan, please talk to Briar before you do. This is both because there are a couple of swan NPCs that might make good player characters and because I would strongly prefer that if anybody apps a new permanent character for this plot it'll be someone that they will truly play and keep playing and not just an excuse to be persecuted because being persecuted is fun.
  4. If you have a character who's in no way associated with the swans, but who you'd like to get involved with this plot, talk to Briar with your ideas for plot hooks. I'll warn you ahead, that 'Somebody could pick on my character X because they're just so innocent and vulnerable' will not be considered a valid plot hook.
  5. Do not have your character kill/disable/banish Donovan Reece without talking to Briar about it first. There are a few specific events that I want to have happen over the course of this plot, and if somebody slaughters my antagonist or locks him in a closet or something it'll put a real cramp in those plans.

That's about it. Hopefully this'll be a fun mini-plot for people to play around with. It'll likely last about a week or ten days, maybe a little more or less depending on how things play out.
So there we go. Have fun with this, see you on the other side.

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