About Mitis Lupas Apartments, [informational thread]
Celeste Brown
 Posted: Jan 14 2013, 6:04 AM

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MITIS LUPAS APARTMENTS is the name for a small block of apartment building. While they are all identical from the outside the owned of the complex encourages her wolves to make the rooms their own. Celeste bought the apartments and partially furnished each room with the basic needs once she discovered she would soon come to care for fifteen to twenty wolves.

Each building is made up of four stories to ten apartments except for one where she has redone the ground floor to claim both apartments for herself and her marked human servant Vivica. While she is not claiming the total of Ulfric Celeste is the guardian to all the wolves in the city after Anthony's failed attempted to kill the Master of the City, Shiloh.

Living closer to the city and the other groups is a major priority for Celeste and she encourages her wolves to be interactive with the city. For full moons and spiritual activities she does still use the lunar, however due to the blood shed inside the Ulfric's cabin it is currently not fit for living in, however Celeste is hopeful that will change soon since they do not want to loose the history of the wolf pack, however Celeste will be firm about who uses the cabin.
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