Illaboriosam Academy, [informational thread]
Aria Zayne
 Posted: Feb 2 2013, 7:12 AM

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The Academy is a brand new establishment that offers a one of a kind service that seems to be lacking. Aria herself knows first hand the kind of harsh offerings that psychics are given in the world. And this needed to come to an end. Aria knows that it might take more then a few years to change a life but she has the passion to make this happen. Let's just see if the world is ready to give her a hand out when she needs it.

The academy was a humble dream but now lives up to its title. the establishment houses three full time psychologist staff to assist with students and their parents. Aria personally works one on one with all full time residents to ensure they are given help in controlling their gifts and learning personal limitations. the Academy offers free accommodation and education to all full time students. On enrolment students are given a care package which includes a school uniform.

The Academy gives all enrolled students the kinds of privileges that some other people just take for granted. the school curriculum is designed by former school principal Armand Banks and delivered by professional educated who have dedicated their time to how best give this work to the student they teach. Classes are divided into stages rather then grades with educators flexible with their students learning style and needs.

Balanced meals are prepared for students during the day, and the grounds are kept clean and taken care of to give the students a proper opportunity to explore fun, play and education in a nurturing environment. The Academy is open to all psychics who need help, although there is a charge for all services unless the student is a child and living in the welfare system without family support.
When Aria left Seattle for the Sidhe court she was a very confused and selfish young lady. On her return, the girl remembering the passage of ten years with the fae which had been only weeks to her reality, she seemed focused on helping other people much like herself. Psychics are often shunned by regular humans, their sometimes intense ability made people nervous and people never react well to things that leave them uneasy. Vampires often take advantage of that and taken them in as cheap food and labour.

Aria started the school to save a lot of psychics from living this same pattern that she herself had lived. She doesn't know if she would fix lives but she does hope that the children she takes in will feel like they have more options then what she had. The school itself offers board for those who need it, well balanced meals and fully accredited teachers to continue their regular education. There are also on site psychologists and intensive training with each childs individual ability.

While the original plan was to take in the lost children of the world, the ones given away because their abilities were to intense for their parents, Aria also trains children in loving homes who need the extra help. She does charge these parents small consultation fees, although most of their funding is donated by conscious individuals.
    Aria never thought she had much wrong with her life. A devoted zoodoo practitioner and former blood doll Aria is also a blood mage. What she can do is extremely rare and only after spending ten years with the sidhe court did she even come close to understanding herself. She also saw the patterns in her own life reflected in others. The school seemed like the most logical choice to help other people just like her.
    the school has only just opened, and she invested a lot of her own money into it, hoping for success. And maybe she can make a difference in the world. So many psychics end up in vampire courts for food and sex. Self esteem is often low and many die young from depression. Aria was one of the lucky few to find a better way.

    Jeremiah came to Seattle to be helpful to the police force but he first love was psychology and how the mind works. Mostly children and those who often don't have a voice. But he ended up with the police station to satisfy his parents, and not out of love. When he heard about the new academy he knew he had to be a part of it.
    Right now he is the only psychologist, but Myer has a feeling that once word spreads that Seattle has its own exclusive Academy for gifted children people will be knocking down the front gates to get involved. And the hours lets him continue to work with the police so everyone is happy.

    Samuel is an old friend of Aria's who returned to Seattle for the sole purpose of helping her with the academy. A hyena shifter, he is still pretty new to the supernatural scene and just a little naive about how it really works. Only time will tell if he is useful or a nuisance for the city.
    he is the grounds keeper which suits him just fine, and residential supervisor for the males of the school because he is the only male staff member who Aria trusts enough with the job.

    Trinity has her own history with being a psychic who found her place with the vampire court. She seems to have a similar passion for breaking the mould that Aria has and Aria is glad to have someone like her around.
    She is one of the school teachers hired for the academy, and although she had limited experience in teaching in a real classroom her drive and passion make up for whatever she lacks

  • Full time student
  • Female/seven
  • teleportation of known objects
  • Full time student
  • Female/nine
  • medium

  • Part time student
  • male/two
  • vision imprinting

  • full time student
  • male/eight
  • death warning
  • full time student
  • male/eight
  • psy-tech
  • full time student
  • female/four months
  • precognition

  • full time student
  • male/twelve
  • air manipulator

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