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 Posted: Jun 6 2012, 11:41 PM

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Can I play on All Souls' Night if I've never read the Anita Blake books?
    Absolutely! Several of our players haven't read the books, and there's at least one who makes it a point of pride that they've never cracked one. However, if you're not familiar with the series, we do recommend that you read through the board's Game Lore carefully, and when you've decided on a character class you may want to read up a little more about the canon 'verse on Wikipedia and on the Anita Blake Wiki and/or on All Things Anita. All three of these sites have details and references that we just didn't have the time or energy to put into our lore and they can help you get a better idea of the overall world.
Is this board true to the Anitaverse canon?
    Sort of. Mostly. Okay, not quite. We've added some refinements, for reasons varying from 'because it was never specified in the books' to 'as Anita's not on hand to solve everything with her Magic Vagina we need to achieve balance some other way'. Some character classes, especially animators/necromancers and younger vampires, are considerably less powerful than they appear in the novels. Other groups, particularly the mages and the fae, are hyped up in power to balance out other classes. We've done our best to make sure that this interpretation of the Anitaverse is as balanced as possible so that everybody can have good fun.
I'm not really comfortable with gratuitous sex and/or violence. Is there a warning system in place to let me know when I might be reading a thread that just turned graphic?
    No. And if you're uncomfortable reading about graphic sex and violence this may not be the board for you. One of the reasons that we are specifically 18+ is that we don't censor for sex or violence. Right up there in the site banner it says 'no taboos', and we mean that.
Speaking of the banner, can I play a canon character?
Can I play a weremonkey/angel/fullblooded fae/demon/Elric of Melnibone/deathlord like from this bitchin' anime I just watched/Solar Exalted/some other character class not listed in the lore?
    No. Guys, we have nineteen character classes available. Nineteen. We really think you ought to be able to come up with a character concept that fits into them somewhere. It's possible that maybe someday we might add more character classes, but we're not going to add exceptions for single characters.
Well what about weretigers? Weretigers are canon!
    Yes they are. However, the culture of weretigers as laid out in the Anita Blake books is one that doesn't work out well in this play setting, at least not in the admins' experience. Pretty much all tiger characters have to be on the run from their families if they want to interact with other PCs and after a while that gets implausible even in a world full of vampires and werewolves.
Why can't my character be older than 500 years old? Why do you limit powerful characters so hard? Why was my character application marked as pending because I made a billionaire playboy by day, underground pit fighter by night who is an alpha werelion and a neurosurgeon?
    Again, this comes to game balance. One of the most fun things about playing in a dark urban fantasy world is getting to have powers and strengths that no mortal human can. However, there are mortal humans in this world. There are weak lycanthropes. There are brand new vampires. There are psychics and mages who have abilities beyond the general humanity but are nothing like as physically robust as the shifters and vamps. And so we limit the top end of the power scale so that the bottom end of the power scale is still fun to play. If there are characters who tower like giants over the puny mortals around them, all of a sudden it's no fun to play anything but another towering giant. We want there to be a wider range of characters than that here, and so we cap off the power level.
But I don't want to play another random werewolf bartender. I want a character with some oomph! Are you really going to force people to play nothing but mediocre characters?
    No, of course not! We just ask that you exercise restraint during character creation. A good rule of thumb is to pick two. Great wealth, great age, great metaphysical power, great talent, great fame, great personal magnetism, great history of noble deeds. Pick two of those and try to find some weaknesses to balance them out?
Now wait a minute, you talk all fancy about characters being balanced and stuff but then Shiloh is all kinds of powerful and there are other characters out there who are way more powerful than your little 'pick two' rule, so what's up with that?
    You're right, Shiloh is overpowered. So are some other characters, Rin Cooper and John Garrett and Lucien Sterling right at the top of the list. That's because in the end, there needs to be characters who are capable of stepping up at the eleventh hour and dealing with plots gone out of control. It happens, we all know it happens, and somebody needs to be capable of dealing with it, needs to be able to pull a deus ex machina out of their hat if that's what it takes to keep the game world from blowing up completely. Ultimately, there has to be a most-powerful, there has to be one person who outstrips everyone else. And on All Souls' Night those characters are in the hands of the admins, because who else could we trust with them? Yeah, it's a little unfair. But that's just how it is.

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