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Francesca Deering
 Posted: Oct 17 2012, 8:56 PM

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A one story, grey building made into a target practice range. When you walk into the front door there is a small 'reception area' for coming in and requesting a slot to shoot. To the right of the area is an office. Between the ares is a hallway. To the left in the hallway are the bathrooms and to the right is the room where the practice shooting takes place.

Outside, behind the building there are two large grass sections. One is open, this is the archery field, set up with hay bales, equipped with bullseye targets on them. The other field is the paintball area, there are two of them. The areas are surrounded by a ten foot metal fence and covered in a green mesh material.

Range Hours:

Mon-Thurs: 10 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Fri-Sat: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.
Sunday: Closed


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Frankie Deering: 22 - Rat - Owner
Frankie got this business from her Great Uncle Francis who recently passed away.
(p.b. Allison Scagliotti)

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Danny Collins: 33 - Human - A.M. Manager
Dan's worked at this place since he was 24. He wasn't happy that the business got handed over to a kid that has no idea what she's doing, but he's staying loyal to the place and giving her a chance.
(p.b. Colby Donaldson)

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Jeremy Douglass: 27 - Leopard - P.M. Manager
Jerry's only been at the range for about four years. He's just happy the new boss didn't fire everyone and get a whole new staff. Honestly he's happier with the new ower, she's easier to talk to and alot easier on his eyes.
(p.b. Matt Dallas)

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Sam Jennings: 38 - Human - Archery Instructor
Samuel is a new hire. His specialty is archery. He, along with Frankie or a manager will assist customers in learning to shoot a bow and arrow. When someone doesn't need his help, he just keeps an eye on things in the archery field.
(p.b. Joseph Morgan)

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Sarah Berrett: 25 - Rat - Paintball Instructor
Sarah is another new hire. She's gotten alot of crap for being a girl who's good at paintball. When she heard the local gun range was adding a paintball arena and needed more workers she was one of the first to apply. It made her even happier to see that a woman was in charge here.
(p.b. Nikki Reed)

All staff are available for PCs.

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