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Posted by: Emily Grace Jan 3 2013, 4:31 AM
Emily Summer Grace

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    Emily is really just a sweet girl who is always trying to do the right thing but somehow ended up wrong. Her father left them when she was twelve and she felt like she had to pick up the slack around the house as the older child. her mother slipped into a deep depression and within the year Emily's mother was on prescription drugs and seeing shrinks every other day although it didn't seem to work.

    To help with the house Emily left school early and got a job at the local Mcdonalds but the pay was shit and the hours were poor. But she was stuck there until she was twenty one. Once she got old enough for it she found higher paying work. Emily couldn't sleep with people but she could handle being a topless waitress. The pay was better and the hours were set so she could be at home a lot more.

    She came to Seattle after her infection. She has only been a wolf for a little over a year but her control isn't great. She is hoping to be strong enough so she can get home and help her youngest sister who is still living at home. But it seems like her relationship with her beast is strained at the best of times. she was one of the wolves that Anthony ripped from their skin when Nicole died. It was that act that made her leave.
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    mainly this is just to build up the deflecting wolf plot stuff. I am not sure where her story will go just yet but he will probably die or leave Seattle at the end of this plot.
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