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Rin Cooper
 Posted: Sep 22 2012, 8:27 PM

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Sault House

Situated in the Lake City area, about ten miles north of downtown, the Sault house is in an older area of suburbs where the streets are wide and the trees have had a chance to grow tall. It's still the 'burbs, but it gives at least an illusion of privacy. The house itself is an uninspired mid-century that's had an extensive addition at some point in the past, then a major renovation about three years ago.

Rin Cooper bought the house recently and rumor says that she paid top dollar for a house in turn-key condition. The house has 7 bedrooms and 5 baths, big enough for a small group, though if the sault ever really takes off they'll have to look into other options.

The common areas of the house are somewhat sparcely decorated, waiting for the sault's residents to add their own personality to the space. Comfortable, if plain, and plenty of room for sprawling out on the floor, catlike.

One of the notable features of the house is the profusion of windows, there's natural light everywhere and all the windows open to let in fresh air. Lovely, fresh drizzly air.

In any home where Rin Cooper lives, the kitchen is going to be the heart of the house. Big, bright, not tremendously fancy but with lots of counter space and cupboards, plenty of room for everyone to gather around. It's always full of the scents of food and family, at any hour of the day there's something baking or simmering or brewing or canning. It's where Rin goes to talk when somebody is unhappy, or when they're happy, or when pretty much anything is going on. It's a very good thing that shifters have that high metabolism.

The house has a nice big back garden and deck. Not big enough to shift and run around in, really, but plenty big enough for cookouts and meals on the deck, and any time the weather allows it people tend to congregate there to relax. One panel of the back fence swings away, allowing access for a shifted jaguar to disappear out into the wooded stretch beyond. Unfortunately, the woodland doesn't connect to any of the big forests in the area, it's just a thickety patch surrounded by suburbs on all sides. But it's enough room for a cat to ride out a shift, especially if somebody brings out meat from the house.

When the weather doesn't allow for hanging out in the yard, the other place people like to hang out is the den. The finished basement was the final tipping point for buying the house, it's too perfect for a group of cats. Cozy, warm, lined with bookshelves just waiting to be filled. They like to call it the Man Cave, but the truth is the women rule it the same way they do the entire rest of the house. It's not a jaguar thing, just a pushy badass grrl power thing.

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