Don't Panic, They're Mine to Dismember, [Isobel/Derek]
Isobel Nelson
 Posted: Feb 20 2013, 3:03 AM

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Assignment designated, Isobel was at the city library, had come in with her hands full, and had taken to occupying a whole four-seat table to herself. A book was splayed open, but it was pushed away to make room before her for what she was actually working on, scissors at the ready to attack what was clearly a fashion magazine that lay shut. Her task was to make up three pages of scrapbooking to show Kenzie, the stylist mentoring her for her new job, and she was at the library to draw inspiration from fashion books and for the space to spread out.

It was the day after the meeting and it was early afternoon. On the chair beside her was a satchel bag, open and beloved scrapbook hidden in there until she needed to paste her creations into it, and everything else spewed out on the table in front of her. Cosmopolitan, W, Vogue, they were all there, some new she’d picked up from the store on the way, some old issues that she’d obviously held onto, and they had been carted in a tote bag that the prim librarian had not cast a pleased eye on. That same librarian had approached the girl only minutes before to make sure she wasn’t ruining library property, and Isobel had reassured her, more than the once that was apparently necessary, that she was cutting into her own magazines, magazines she’d purchased herself. As if she’d chop up the library’s.

Cutting out a picture from one of the pages and setting it aside in a pile, she put the scissors down and pulled the hefty book towards her. Spread out almost across the entire table, you might think there was enough room for everything to sit, but apparently not, and bringing the book close only made her curse, “Damnit,” quietly to herself as a pair of magazines tipped sideways off the edge and a small handful of the pens she’d been using were spilt into her lap and down to find the floor that way.

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Derek Martin
 Posted: Feb 25 2013, 9:26 AM

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Today so far was a victory in Derek's eyes. It's been close to two months since he was infected with lycanthrope, and this was his first time being out in public alone. No accidentally shifting, no crushing door handles, keyboards, or tripping over himself when running all due to his new found strength and speed. No Wynter, or Alex to calm him or his beast down, or dragging him away from the humans when it was too late to calm the beast. Yes he was a little scarred to be out and away from his Oba and Alex. They were risking a lot for Derek to try to be on his own. However Derek couldn't hide behind the two new women in his life. No matter how good that sounded. Derek needed to try to get his life back on track, and taking classes on campus was one way to do it.

Since class was a success, Derek was chancing coming to the public library to get some work done for World Lit.. Derek had his laptop bag strapped across his chest, and his World Lit book in hand as he navigated through forest of tables and chairs that made up the sitting area. Derek could have done this work at the Clan's house, but when Wynter, and Alex went off to do there own things. The place got dull quickly, and he felt freaking isolated, and depressed. Alex told him it might have something to do with being away from Wynter, and his clan. Which may be true, but Derek thought it might be because the Clan's house was a bit away from everything, and everyone else.

Derek was just about to sit when he heard the girl one table away curse as her stuff dropped from the crowded library table she occupied. Derek stiffen a chuckle as he picked up his things and moved over to help Isobel. “Let me help you out there,” Derek smiled. The light of chuckling and laugh still present in his eyes and smile. Derek picked up what was left on the floor and put it on the table. Derek eyed the table and cannibalized magazines on the table. “I think the librarian might have a heart attack. When they see what you've done to their magazines.” Derek teased.
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