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Exterior - Click to enlargeThe pub owned by Janos Marić and staffed almost entirely by rats and ratkin is a gathering place for the Clan, their friends, and those who play hard enough to keep up with them.

It's not fancy. Somewhere between a pub and a sports bar, with many large TV screens showing whatever sporting events or news broadcasts are interesting at the moment, a wide array of beers on tap and a menu full of barbecue and comfort food. The atmosphere is the rat version of laid-back, full of guys getting off theif shifts for the days and women more interested in eating and talking with their friends than dressing up and looking hot.

Dining and Bar - Click to enlargeThere are pool tables in the back, and dart boards along one length of wall. The rule is, if you hit anybody else with a dart, you buy their entire party a round, but only if they don't bitch about it. Whining will get you called a 'kitty' and shunned by the other patrons.

There isn't really a live music setup, but that doesn't always stop them. When they get in musicians, it tends to be single singers or duets, the kinds of acts that can make do with a mike or two and some portable amps and who know when to stop playing and step out of the way.

Dining Area - Click to enlargeBar fights aren't exactly a daily occurance, but they happen. Though anyone who patronizes the place will call them 'friendly scuffles' instead. There's hardly any blood, even, clearly nobody was trying all that hard. There are no bouncers, per se, but all the staff is capable of breaking things up if things start getting out of hand. Clan members vie for jobs at 439, both because the pay is good and the tips even better and because it's the social hub of the Clan outside the Compound, all the good gossip happens there.

Long Bar - Click to enlargeFor all that, though, 439 isn't exclusively Clan, or even exclusively preternatural. A fair number of humans and shifters patronize the pub, drawn by the good food, decent prices, and profoundly unpretentious atmosphere that's harder to find in Seattle than it ought to be. But nobody at 439 hides what they are or tries to pass for the sake of the humans. If you're here, you're on Clan turf and you play by Clan rules. Those who don't understand that pick it up very fast or are politely invited to go away now.

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