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    "Go on and try to hit me if you're able...can't you see that my relationship is stable?"

    I suppose I should start off by saying that I'm going to have to give you two back stories. You see, there's not just one person living in this body...there's two. Meshed and mingled by magic that even I don't understand. We're one person, and yet we're two people. It's hard to explain...but technically I'm a faeblood because one of me is a fae and the other is part-fae.

    The oldest part of me is Rose at 217. She's a full-blooded Sidhe of the Summer Court. She was a strong fae with a deep connection to nature that made her strong, determined, and wild at heart. I think it was this wildness in her that made her leave the mound and try to find a place in the world she felt so connected to. To say that her parents and the queen of the Court weren't happy is an understatement. I think they believe there is something wrong with her. They tried to get her to come back, and they had almost succeeded when Rose met Ethel...then it was game over, she was staying in the mortal world.

    The other part of me is Ethel Jones at 105. She's the part of me that's mostly human. She was born in 1910 in Brooklyn. Her mother was a washer woman and her father worked in a factory. It's not a part of her life that she likes me to remember. It was a hard time for her because, let's face it, being black in that time period, north or south, was ripe for trouble, even for someone who was partially-magical. But she made it and was actually a small-time actress before she met Rose.

    Ah...when they met...sparks was the least thing to fly. Rose saw something specia in Ethel and Ethel knew there was something special in Rose due to the fact that Ethel's fae gift was the ability to see not one, but a multitude of different futures...and the future with Rose, while filled with hardship, was the one she chose. When they first met...oh, man, it was an experience I love remembering and a memory that they are more than happy to share with me. Their passion and love for one another was what brought me into being.

    While Ethel was part-fae, the part of her that was fae was so small that she was as mortal as mortal could come. She would grow old and die before Rose was ready to part with her. It made her cry on more than one occasion and she shared this fear with Ethel, who cried with her because she didn't like to cause Rose pain...plus she didn't want to leave Rose anymore than Rose wanted to lose her.

    It was 1934 when it happened...Rose and Ethel were making love and, well, the wound up combining their bodies and their spirits into one form. Trust me, I don't know how it happened exactly. I can just remember them both having this over-whelming desire to always stay together, to never be apart. I supposed this sparked the magic in both of them, granting that intense desire, and it formed me. As far as I know, I'm the first and only fusion of fae and mostly-human, though I think it's mostly because no fae I know of has ever had such a strong desire to stay with a human.

    Since then, we've been one. I have Rose's connection to nature and Ethel's visions (she couldn't see one direct future, but dozens of them). Since they were both gifted with the ability to perform blood magic (though Ethel's was significantly weaker than Rose's due to both her lack of training and her human blood), I'm quite proficient in that. To the Summer Court, I am a dangerous anomaly. They feel as if I am a danger to them and their power and they have sent hunters after me. We've been separated once before, but somehow Rose and Ethel managed to escape their hunters and were able to come back together to again form me. We won't be separated again.

    Together, we are so much more than we were separate. I am Rose. I am Ethel. I am their combined knowledge, experience, power, and love. I am Kendra.
    "And you're not gonna stop what we made together...we're gonna stay like this forever..."

    Currently I am hiding from the Summer Court in Seattle. Why? Because why not hide in plain sight? I'm pretty careful about not alerting them and their people. I own a boutique called Mythical Threads and I just live quietly. I am comfortable enough to not use that much magic and draw attention to myself.
    "But I am even more than the two of them...Everything they care about is what I am."

    Right now...my goal is to just live quietly, tending my store and just be who I am.

    Oh...and to avoid getting caught and separated...I'm not doing that again...it hurt on more than just a physical level.

    I see so many outcomes...so many different futures...but I chose to concentrate on the one that keeps me as Kendra.

    "I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation..."
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