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 Things that go BUMP!, Adair/Charlie
Adair Errigal
 Posted: Feb 23 2013, 11:47 AM

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He nodded. Ridiculous was... well, one word to call it. A movement from her had his eyes going from where they’d been partially on her face down to her free hand that wasn’t holding the cigarette, where it seemed to be tapping every other finger. He shrugged as he propped a foot up behind him to lean casually against the apartment building they’d been out of, a hand going up to scratch at the back of his head. It always got itchier the longer it got, but... he liked his hair more when it was longer rather than short.

He pulled his flip phone out of his pocket and took a glance at the time before flicking his eyes back up to Charlie with a quirked brow. “Still interested in lunch?” He had a few hours left to kill before he had to go work at Moons, and he had no idea what else to do with himself otherwise. Besides, and it was may or may not have been a bit mean for him to be thinking this, but she was more entertaining than anything else he could think to do the rest of the day until he had to leave for work.

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