Swan Plot: Lucille Burns, for Gillian and Armand Banks
Gillian Banks
 Posted: Feb 17 2013, 4:57 PM

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Gillian is here and Armand would have a temporary account made for this plot. right now Gillian lives at Lukes with the other swans and just kinda coasting. Armand is part of the pack and one of their few remaining alphas and the oldest wolf currently residing within the pack

Type of Character Needed:
Lucille Burns is the one that got away when Armand was thirty years old. he thought he was doing the right thing, working hard and learning his beast but apparently Lucille was feeling neglected. like a scene from a movie she left Seattle with not much and Armand got to the train station to late. he had never loved again.

Lucille will be the evil master mind in getting Armand to force Gillian into Reese's flock using manipulation. Armand has always been odd with Gillian and her swan, hating how she reacted to him even when she was at ease. If Lucille can convince Armand that Reese is a better option then Gillian staying in Seattle which seems to be a hotbed for violence lately, then he would ensure that Gillian went with him.
A classic beauty (no plastic surgery, no fake hair colouring and neutral/natural make up) from the fifties with all the hang ups of looking after her man and family but on the clasp of feminism so she felt empowered enough to leave. My only real request is she should look her age (50 - 60), a little worn around the edges and human. Her connection to Reese and why she is working for him is up to whoever takes her but she is aware of the entire scheme and willing to go along with it.

Not sure how this would end with Armand and Lucille depending on how she plays out her role. I am willing for them to eventually working together to take down Reese or for her to stick with Reese. Either way both characters will probably go both back to NPC status after this plot
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