Cair, Tristan, age means very little
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Who are you?
    I am no one, simply a man with a little luck and a death wish that went wrong. Not good enough? No I didn't think it would be. My name is Tristan and I am part of Shiloh's kiss. No, I suppose you wouldn't have heard of me. Even that Gossip writer ignores me. There is nothing about me worth noting. It isn't self pity just truth. I have had centuries to look at myself and I know there are subjects more interesting then I.

    Well for the specifics I am older then I care to admit, seen humanity do things that I will never understand for things that no one even remembers any more. I am one of the few remaining earth movers but I believe it was sheer dumb luck and not design that allowed me to live through the sires death. I do have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. I may be old but do not think that means powerful. I am barely more capable then a human. Without a master, I will not rise with the evening.
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What do you want?
    I want to collect the beautiful things in the world. Antiques, valuables, the little things that get lost in corners and under floor boards. The pieces that let you track the tragedy and the dignity of humanity. Yes, I know it is rather poetic but I suppose I have picked up a few things in my life and a passion for literature and art is one of them.

    of course there are people I would wish to collect but I would never take them against their will. I am a lover of beauty. Unfortunately with mortals beauty tends to fade so I never tie myself to permanently to mortals. I prefer the company of shifters mostly, but I have no beast to call. it is their mind though that calls me. The duel life in a single being. Please tell me if I talk to much. I sometimes forget not everyone likes to listen.
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Why are you here?
    This is the part where we get into the details yes? Well there really isn't a big story here. I was born to a mother and a father who could not afford me and yet here I am. Another mouth to feed, a stomach never really knowing what it meant to be full. There only blessing was I was a man and so putting me to work at a tender age was really a God send. Every dollar counted.And it counted even more if the work was done off the books so the speak. Yes, a child prostitute but really it wasn't so bad.

    There wasn't much beauty in my life growing up. Maybe that is why I am a little obsessed with it now. Life really was whatever you made of it. I didn't make much of mine. I was a sad little man who barely looked beyond the horizon. I was going no where fast and well it was only a matter of time before I found myself in a deep underbelly of the city where the vampires came to play

    Vampires have always existed. Every city had them but back then there was no map to their place. If you asked the right people you could find them, or they could find you. That was how it was with me. I was found and barely protected. Once more a useless thing to be tossed around and willingly fall into the laps of men and woman who didn't even know my name. Modern society calls them Blood Dolls. Then we were the helpless.

    Now there are rights and some sense of privilege to those who fed the vampires. We were barely anything to them. One took a special liking to me but that barely kept me safe from the kiss. I was a mess of spilt blood, bite marks and clothes that threatened to fall off my bones. I barely made it to the bridge. Had just enough strength to toss myself over and wait for the cold hand of death to take me. Just another homeless man who lost his footing and claimed by the Gods.

    Of course I did not die. it was close but the death I longed for was stolen and replaced with this unlife you seemed obsessed with. believe me when I tell you that it is nothing like the books. The first year is torture to deep to describe, and very rarely does anyone ask for the embrace. yet more decisions made for me. I suppose that was one thing I got out of the 'rescue'. I decided to start living for me, for the things I wanted and the beautiful things people seemed to miss.

    That really is all there is to tell. I was embraced and the earth kept rotating. Months became years and then decades. I seperated from my sire, an arguement about keeping people as pets. It really is not my thing. if it was a free choice to stay with him then I would have allowed but the girl was rolled, and it was deep. She did not know what she wanted. her world was not her own and I could not enjoy her company.

    I came to Seattle, joining Shiloh's kiss and stayed within her territory but rarly with her. I do not go to Many Moons often. It really is not my scene, as some would put it. I own a second hand store and a rather impressive house filled with art and more. All the things I have collected over the years to give me hope. I cling to that hope most nights. Believing that not all is lost. That even in this age of computers and science and vampire movie stars that beautiful delicate things still exist.
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Where are you going?
    A have some expositions coming up, a few auctions to visit. I must be one of the very few who are happy for this new found status. It makes work easier.
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