Blackwood, Winifred, Leopard of grace.
Winifred Blackwood
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Winifred Michelle Blackwood

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Who are you?
    Winifred. The kids call me Miss B, friends call me Winnie, you can call me whatever you like. I have a dance studio, Blackwood's Broadway, on the corner of North Stone Way and Wallingford. And the studio's not exactly mine, it's pretty unreasonable to think I started a successful business that's been up and running since before I was born. It's my parents' place. I've been teaching dance there since I was thirteen, started with the little ones and now I have a few girls that hope to go professional, I think I prefer the kids. The teens are a constant reminder of what I'll never be.

    Once I moved out I started holding Yoga classes at the studio too. I've only been living on my own for, oh, four years now? Unless my year of Hell in the Pard house counts as 'on my own.' And yes, the rumors are true, Greg made being a leopard in Seattle very Hell-like for submissives and anyone lacking a penis. Luckily for me I had Micah, and I kept my head down, so I never got as much grief as the others. There are so many of us that I've always just faded to the background, nothing about me really stands out, and that's as much a burden as it is an asset. 
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What do you want?
    I want Micah to stop dating Rutherford.

    I don't mean any disrespect against the Raj, and hopefully copies of these interviews aren't faxed over to the offices of their respective leaders once we're finished. I wouldn't have even brought it up, but that's all I want at the moment. I realize that I don't really know Jackson, and it's not my place to interfere with his affairs, except "my place" gets hazy when his affairs include Micah.

    Why don't I want them dating? I just don't know the guy. Micah and some of the other cats that have been around a while keep telling me he's calm and just, and even I can admit that Micah is happier than he's been in forever. And maybe Jackson is dark and exotic and beautiful in a way that's just totally unfair, but still. He came into town, and ripped my Raj's head off. (Yes, he deserved it, and it was a long time coming, but Jackson wasted no time in taking the throne in a town he knew nothing about.) No one asked questions, or quirked brows, but to me that doesn't sound like a calm and just man.

    Actually, I guess there is one other thing I want. I want people to know that just because I didn't follow my mom's footsteps and go into the Pacific Northwest Ballet doesn't mean I can't dance, or that I don't know every last thing there is to know about ballet. Some people just don't have the feet, I've accepted that and focused on helping my cat become as strong as it can.

    But I can dance.
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Why are you here?
    If you hadn't guessed, I was warned about this interview weeks ago, so I know this is the "insert life story here" question.

    I was born in a Seattle hospital, my parents built a life for themselves here in the city and I'm incredibly close to my family. My mom's the typical cherry-pie momma from the South. Dinner on the table at seven sharp, always has her makeup done and her hair in a twisted bun, with a smile on her face. I swear, the strength that woman has could withstand anything. She takes care of me, I'm her only daughter. I have a brother Matty, he's a freshman at U Dub and he's going to really make a name for himself someday, he just needs to decide what he wants to do with his life.

    What about my mom? Wait..How do you know that? Who told you?

    Look, that's a part of my life I don't want anyone knowing, people are mean, they judge and they take parts of you that are sensitive and use it against you when they see fit. I don't want that used against me. So I'm only going to say this once, and if you tell anyone I swear..

    Yes, my dad's first wife Rene is my biological mother. But the minute she had me, I was my dad's responsibility, and the only mom I remember having is Dee. His second wife, she's my mom as far as I'm concerned. They got married when I was two and a half and we've never looked back.

    What are you? Some kind of mind reader. Even if you aren't, you should feel ashamed of yourself butting into people's lives like this. So what? I lied. I have looked back, I visit my mom once a week, once every two if things get hectic. I don't know why, 75 percent of the time she has no idea who I am and half the time, when she does, she says horrible things that should make me hate her. But I don't, I can't. She's still the woman who gave me life, and that sounds like a line from a sappy chick-flick movie, but that's just how I feel. She'll die locked in that cell but she shouldn't have to go through life alone.

    So yes, Rene is my birth mother, and yes I visit her behind my family's back and I will deny all of it if you ever bring it up again.

    Now, I think we were coming up on how I was raised. And that was home, where my mom, Dee, homeschooled Matty and I. Dee was a dancer and she had me walking on my toes from three on. I love to dance, always have, and that was my entire childhood. Once I was ready for university, I went to Cornish college of the arts and studied dance. I was majoring in Ballet, but halfway through I switched to modern. It was the feet thing, no matter how hard I worked there were always those people with natural talent working just as hard, and the techniques just looked better on them. I excelled at modern, shot to the top of my graduating class with plenty of employment opportunities, and it took me getting bitten to realize that modern would never be what I wanted.

    But, I'm a glass half full kind of gal and I took the realization, and the infection, in stride. And I guess now it's time to walk you through my cat attack. It was right after graduation, I was barely twenty two and I was auditioning for a part in a ballet. Surprisingly enough I actually landed the role, another of the girl's auditioning wasn't too happy about it, insisted that it was my name alone that landed me the part. I'm not one for altercations, but undermining my abilities is the surest way to tick me off, needless to say she and I got into it. We were arguing, things got heated, and out of nowhere she went furry on me.

    Let's not even mention the strength advantage a shifter-dancer has over a human one, and the na-na-nuh-boo-booing I owe the girl, and skip right to her sinking her teeth into my thigh before a beast master vampire who just happened to be on staff pulled her off. I was in the hospital a few days, almost got shuffled into one of those hush-hush facilities the humans try to pack all the accidental infections into, and Micah rescued me. He just happened to be in the right place and the right time and from then on, we were two peas in a pod.

    He's a beautiful, gay jeweler, can you even come up with a better friend than that? I sure can't.

    At the time, the Pard really didn't pay the new leopards much attention, we weren't required to live at the Pard house to train like the shifters are now. But after nearly mauling my brother over the ungodly amount of time he spends in the bathroom, I didn't see any other choice. I packed my bags and headed to the Pard house. I had to shack up with another newbie, and the one and only reason I made it through that year was my friendship with Micah, he looked out for me when I needed it, and as soon as I was able to I moved back home.

    Since then, I've just been working and keeping to myself Group wise. I've never met Ruth one on one, I attend the Pard functions and shift with them on the night of the Moon, but I just blend into the crowd. The only reason I'm even making an effort to integrate is because I want that Alpha status, there's no guarantee that I'll ever get it, but I've worked my butt off to make it as far up the food chain as I have and if cozying up to other cats is what I need to do to finally reach the top, then look out Pard, here comes your new best friend.
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Where are you going?
    The Pard house, love. Remember?
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