Richards, Holly, faeblood sister of Jade Castillo
Holly Richards
 Posted: Mar 5 2012, 9:29 PM

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Holly Angelica Richards

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Who are you?
    Holly, Richards. And you are? blinks a few times in the silence. Right. Somehow I figured this was a 'don't ask us, we'll ask you' kind of thing. So, who am I? I'm the girl who's fresh off the plane from Hawaii, smelling like stale booze and and pure, undiluted irritation.

    And you want to know why? Because not only was I forced to watch my mother remarry some schmuck who has his head so far up the Pope's ass that he honest to God believes homosexuality is a curable disease worthy of fire and brimstone if not treated correctly. But I was under the assumption that the attendance of mom's children was non-negotiable, only to discover that my kid sister Kim (and I use the term 'kid' lightly, she's been around forever, just like the rest of us,) declined the invitation.

    So there I was, standing next to mom with the God damned sand between my toes, getting the stink eye from step-daddy dearest every time I eyed one of his nieces, alone. I mean, really Kim? We haven't spoken in years, not the closest knit bunch, but you could have at least had the respect to show up. Or for fuck's sake, to call me and give me the memo that not going was a plausible option. And I know she got the invitation. Sent it to her apartment myself. Even addressed it to "Jade," not that I will ever call her that out loud again after this interview, ever.
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What do you want?
    Hm, off the top of my head? To find a permanent pink dye that doesn't fade out three days after I apply it. I didn't come equipped with a fancy glamor to hide my snowy mane, not that I color it to hide, I just like pink. And besides, hiding's not my thing. Changing my name, my hair and eye color, sounds like a lot of work to run from your true identity if you ask me. I'm a faeblood and there are very few people in this town that don't know it.

    Mom's about as close to being a full blown Sidhe as you can get and still function outside Court, one of the only ones the Court pays attention to, partly due to the fact that nearly her entire ancestry sits on a Court someplace, but mostly because she married a greatly diluted faeblood and tainted the rest of us with his blood. Not only that, but he spent all of the money she'd had saved up, and left us for... Wait for it... Wait for it... His secretary. Apparently that sort of thing is embarrassing to the pureblooded fam.

    I keep getting off track, what was the question again? Oh, right, what I want.

    I'd like to find a few subjects for my paintings, I've been self portraiting a lot lately and there's only so many times I can stand to watch my own face take form on my easel. I get contacted pretty frequently to pose for artwork, paint, pastels, freehand, sculpture, photography. So long as you're a serious artist and it's at least somewhat tasteful, I'll pose for you. I believe art should be shared and artists should try and help each other create.

    So that's what I want. Oh, and a steady girlfriend who doesn't hop from bed to bed would be a real blessing.
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Why are you here?
    Born here, raised here. This town's brought me up to be a strong willed and capable member of society, given me the kicks in the ass I needed, and yes I did say kicks; plural. The people here have witnessed some of my proudest moments and my weakest. You couldn't pay me enough to pack up shop and set sail somewhere else.

    I've known I'd live out the rest of my hopefully long, long life right here in Seattle since the first time I went to school with tattered sneakers and found a new pair in my locker the next morning, the first time I crawled out my window to sit on the roof and paint the skyline, the first time I kissed a girl and no one looked at as like we were lepers who'd somehow escaped isolation. This city isn't as dark and cold as people think, there's good here, warmth, you just have to know where to look.

    I've been working since I've been old enough to press clothes in a back room, keep my voice down, and get paid under the table. Eleven, I think. The job was easy and we needed the money, wouldn't have had any food on the table at all if all five of my siblings and I didn't take whatever work we could find growing up. After high school though, I skipped the whole college idea, couldn't afford it and sitting in classrooms never was my favorite pass time. I started getting real jobs. Waitressing, retail, until finally by the grace of some higher power somewhere, I went to a casting call on a whim and got to model for a tattoo magazine. I've been posing ever since. Got enough money to open up my own little studio downtown. I live just on the outside of the Seattle Woodlands. What I lack in glamor and other fancy tricks, I make up for with my Guardianship over bears and Sidhe-Sense.

    I've just been here, painting, working, trying to find a pair of well chapsticked lips in this city that don't taste like dick. It feels like I've been doing the same old thing forever and that's probably because I look damn good for my age.
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Where are you going?
    I'm going to go and find Kimberly and give her a piece of my mind. If one or both of us don't end up in jail or hospitalized, you'll be able to find me in the studio later.
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