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Who are you?
    You aren't really asking me that you? Oh you are. Right well if you want to hear the lies then let me go right ahead and present them to you. My name is Thorn. You can look at my id, my birth certificate, any kind of paper work you want and you will find me. Mr Thorn Summer Amos. For all purposes I totally exist to the world. In some circles I am a little bit infamous as well. I am just your run of the mill guy looking for a place to call my own.

    alright alright you got me. I am a wolf. have been for over five years now. I'm not at the top of the pecking order but I sit nicely around the highier end of things. They call me dominant and sometimes I can even pull that part shift thing but only when I am under a lot of stress. but my wolf isn't the real thing you should watch out for. No, thats just an added bonus.
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What do you want?
    I want a place where a wolf and rat can work together and people won't try and tear us apart? How is that for a want. it was the reason why we left the last city. A little interspecies relation is never a bad thing, and it isn't like we are dating or anything. I don't know what we are but I know we need to be together. It is how it has always been and always will be. Other then keeping kari in my world I want what every man wants. a good life full of fun and adventure and not to much work.

    We are hoping to get our own business but really I think it is more work then it is worth. There needs to be an easier way to live. In the end I will go along with Kari and do whatever it is she wants us to do because it is easier to just agree with her then to fight against her. kari is the get up and do type, I am the sit and let life happen type. Don't get me wrong, when it is time for action I am there, but for general day to day living, what is the point of the stress.
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Why are you here?
    You sure you wanna hear this? Al right but I am only going to say this once so you might wanna listen in good alright. I was a prince, and kari was my princess. I fought an evil dragon, she lived with seven little men and in the end the slipper fit only her foot and now here we are. Story told. Yeah I didn't think you were going to buy into that. I was born in Compton, and if you know anything about California you know to stay the hell away from Compton even in the middle of the day. People die and no one even batts an eyelash at the guns shots. No one stops and stares. There might be a few curious glances to see which gang he ran with but for the most part they were ignored.

    I actually had a twin. bet you didn't know that. kari doesn't even know about my twin. his name was David and from birth he was always sick. But we couldn't afford proper hospital care for him so you can imagine what my mother did. The same thing every other ghetto mum did when their kid wouldn't shut up. self medicate with whatever was cheapest or left over after a deal. Her poison of choice was Meth. David died when I was seven. Most of my siblings didn't make it far in their lives. The streets were rough and sometimes I look back and wonder how the hell did I make it through those begining years.

    I just wanted to make my mother proud of me. Yeah she wasn't a great person but considering our neighbours she wasn't the worst mother out there. She did her best to keep us out of the gangs and big trouble. but trouble seemed to like me. It followed me around and sure maybe every now and then I invited it to hang out. So sue me. I was a kid who had big dreams. To take over the ghetto and rule the entire place with fear. drugs, money and women. it was the kind of life all the kids dreamt of.

    I would never forget the day I met Kari. Mostly I remember laughing. Girls didn't do this kind of work. They were the dirt, and I mean that in the nicest way alright. They were whores, pretty things to use and share and then toss away. kari was never like that. She held herself like a man, and handled her weapon like a warrior. I knew just looking at her that I had found someone special, and she was my competition. I am pretty sure she saw me exactly the same. The first few years of knowing her was all about trying to put the other down, making sure I looked the best, so I would win the most favour. But it was obvious to anyone but us that we were the perfect team. She was cold and calculating and I was all passion and hot tempered. She is the winter and I am the summer. Yeah our names have a story.

    Once I got my head out of my arse and realised we made a better team then working against each other everything just kind of fell into place for us. We were like Bonnie and Clyde but with actual direction. My plan to take over the territory became a plan to take Kari to the top with me and we would rule over it all. But over time of reaching the glass ceiling so to speak we realised this was were we had hit the limit. The dream was getting further and further away with every passing day. Our chats drifted from how one day we would rule the world and have everything we ever wanted to how could we get out of it safely.

    You don't just leave Compton. it wasn't like just getting out of the city limits and never looking back. We had friends, family, enemies... people that expected to see our faces and would notice if we weren't around. Don't forget when had a boss we had to answer too and a small flock of kids who looked up to us. A couple called me Uncle Thorn and had the same gun I had, even though it was pretty useless in a kids hand. To much recoil. But it was cute all the same. Kari wanted to help them but what could we do? We weren't their parents. We could go marching out with fifteen or so kids behind us. What are we the fucking pied piper?

    In the end we just took our basic supplies and disappeared. kari picked a direction and that was the way I drove until the car couldn't go no more. People died every day in Compton and we hoped that maybe people would just assume we died. We didn't talk all that much, nothing to give the tell tale sign that we were leaving the city. Kari signed herself up for school with some fake documents. We posed as brother and sister, taking on the surname Amos. I don't know who decided it. Maybe because it just seemed to well fitting with the rest of our stupid names. we are living proof as to why kids don't get to name themselves.

    She went through community collage but I didn't have the mind for it. sitting and thinking was never my strong point but sitting around and doing nothing didn't suit me either. Kari was studying, and I couldn't have her working too. so I did what I was good at. Drugs. It was easy enough to get into. I know the type, the lingo. Getting in one the big deals with the best cut was pretty quick considering we were new to the city. But playing bitch was never my style.

    I knew from the moment I got there that the deal was going to screw up. Call it experience. I thought I was going to die, and the way Kari told me, I practically did. The hospital accidently fixed me by infecting me with wolf strain lycanthropy. it was in the one of the bags of blood they transfused into me. Without it I probably would have died and then where would Kari be? I like to think she would be lost. But after infection there was training. Now that was hard for me. I was forced to leave kari for the first time in years and let me tell you there were nights when I cried myself to sleep at night.

    it took a few solid months before my ulfric told me I could go out in public again, and then almost a year before he could trust me to live with Kari again. Our relationship never really got back to the same dynamic though after my infection. I don't know if it was the sex or the wolf but Kari was just a little bit to distant and I would find her just staring at me sometimes like she was afraid to blink because I would just disappear. When I found out that she was infected while I was running with the pack I wasn't surprised.

    She asked me to infect her but I didn't want to taint her life. We were already odd enough. I wanted her to be human and beautiful. She felt like she was being rejected by the last person in her life who would never do such a thing. She got into a fight with a rat and got chewed enough for infection. And now she was being forced again to leave me. The roles were reversed and it felt like forever a day until we got to just be us again. but it seemed us being us was pissing off someone deadly.

    So we did what we do when things got rough. We ran. We had nothing holding us there but we had new things to worry about. could we find a place where a rat king and an Ulfric would be happy for their members to go home to the other? the examples we had seen weren't to promising, but then we heard of Seattle and a beast caller named Shiloh. She was the master of the city and since she could call all beasts Kari thought that maybe life would be a little better then it had been. fingers crossed.
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Where are you going?
    to just be myself with Kari at my side, and no one questioning my motives towards her
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