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Nicole Bailey
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Who are you?
    Really? You are really going to ask me this even though the entire town knows my face? I never really hated the media until I was infected and now... well I can see why Ashton hates them so much. sighs and pushes hair from her face, slouching in her chair fine, so the name is Nicole Bailey and I was your average high school girl until about three weeks ago. That was when a boy at school decided that maybe if I was a wolf then I would somehow see him for what he was and we would have a happily ever after. yeah it really didn't end up like that. Shayne is now dead, murdered by the Bolverk of the pack, which I am sure you read about in the paper. I sure did. I can't believe all the drama I caused in the world. So instead of some fantasy Shayne had in his head I am stuck at the pack house with my Ulfric trying to remember not to shift at the drop of a hat.
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What do you want?
    What I want is to go back to the life that I was living before Shawn got all psycho on me. But you know that isn't going to happen. I think I am getting into the whole wolf shifter thing pretty good so at least I am not a disgrace to the pack like some of the other wolves are. You know who I am talking about. I mean really, there are rules for a reason people. lets try and use them. sighs and shakes her head, smiling to herself Good god I am starting to sound like Ashton. I think I am spending to much time with that man. All his habits are becoming my habits. It is like I am slowly starting to loose myself. I didn't do a whole lot with my youth, and I think I was just starting to work out who I was when all this happened, and now it is assimilate or die. Guess which option seems like the good choice.

    I don't have to many friends here in the pack. I mean sure people say hi and stuff but we don't go out shopping or anything. The closest people to me now are Ashton and Theo. But I kind of feel like a burden to them, or a job. I am pretty sure if I wasn't a wolf then we wouldn't be friends.
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Why are you here?
    Really there isn't a whole lot to me. I was born here in Seattle and enjoyed the white picket fence life. My parents were high school sweet hearts and people said they would never last. The way they tell it though it sounded more like Romeo and Juliet, two warring families and young love without the teen suicide ending. Both of my grandmothers were wedding planners and owned their own business. Mum met Dad at an expo where he was working handing out fliers. I am sure it was less dramatic then the sword fighting they swear by.

    Anyway, so they did make it, and Mum and dad combined the two businesses into a super business since they were both only children and had no one to share with. And expanded to include personal cars. That is where dad comes into the business. Mum does the wedding planning and dad drives the car on the day. It works for them and we lived a cushy kind of life style. I never had a want for anything because I always got it and I was their pretty little princess. Of course my brother is their little prince but there was no competition between us. I was daddy's little girl and Robert was a mamma's boy. We had a system that worked. Life was normal and I think I was doing ok for myself. I got decent grades. I was part of the school pride committee and a cheerleader. I earned my decent allowance. I might have gone on and had a cushy life if it wasn't for Shawn and his plan to infect me.

    I am not going to tell you how the attack happened. That is all in the papers and I am really over talking about it. I wish it would just go away but Ashton says you will never forget your infection. I suppose he was right. it is hard to forget about a wolf bounding out of the dark and trying to rip your arm off. Shawn ruined my life in a way. Now I am stuck here and it looks like I will be part of this pack until I die. Not like I was going anywhere fast before but at least then I had options. Now there are so many limits on shifters, I might as well just give up and start begging
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Where are you going?
    right now I am just trying to keep my wolf down. Ashton wants me to complete my final year of high school and start to think of what I want to do with my life. He doesn't care what I decide, but he wants some kind of plan. Maybe I can be an actress. Or something...
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