Harper, Raegan, you have the right to remain silent
Raegan Harper
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Who are you?
    You call me Detective Harper. I have been with the Seattle law enforcement for the better part of six years now and most of the time you won't be meeting me in a good way. I'm Ray around the station, or just plain old Harper. I work with the Seattle Regional Preternatural Investigation Task force, or what the media has labeled 'RPIT' or the spook squad because they are just cleaver like that. It is an extension of the regular police force that started in St Louis, but quickly got picked up by other stations because honestly with all the vampires and shifters around they needed their own law enforcement.

    I suppose you should also know that I am a rat shifter, but lets just keep that between you and me. I am not big on letting people know that I am infected because mostly it forces people to look at me differently. Maybe in a few years time, the general public will understand the shifter and vampire populations better but right now it seems like being legal doesn't make you accepted. There is a learning curve to this sort of thing and I might not even see it in my life time. I am what you call high dominant. I can't do that awesome part shift thing the alphas can do, but I can handle my own. which is a damn good thing when you consider my life of work
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What do you want?
    I take my job seriously even if no else does. People might think we are the loser squad but when the government decided to give the shifters and vampires the right to vote and pay taxes they also gave them the right to be protected. Of course I consider one of my strengths is knowing the ins and out of shifter and vampire life. Not any one pack functions the same but there are always similarities. And there are enough rules that are in conflict with human law. That is when my job gets really fun

    My weakness would have to be my passion for my job. It has really taken over my life. I live to serve the community and really it is all I have. No wife, no kids. I am getting on age and there has been a few times when I considered settling down but how can I bring people into this kind of life. the chance of daddy never coming home is to high. So I push everything I have into work and the occasional trip to the strippers. hey a man had needs and I get sick of self service.
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Why are you here?
    Right, so here is how the story goes. I was born in Bathurst, which some of you might know is in New South Wales, Australia and except for a good car race that pretty much stops the nation every year there isn't a heck of a lot to do out there. I was a country kid and I had country dreams. Be a man, become a police officer and protect my people. And that was what I did. I went through school without to much trouble. Sure I might have been caught breaking into the school and I bet I have a record somewhere that has all the little details of my arrest for indecent exposure. But we have a saying back home. "Boys will be boys." it was nothing and when I applied at the end of school to join the police force, I was accepted. Because I suppose they figured it would keep me out of trouble.

    Life went according to my vague little plan for the most part. I started in the police academy, had a couple of good relationships and rose through the ranks. I worked hard and it showed. I know people might be jealous of that, and there are a lot of dirty cops out there who are looking for a quick buck but honestly I wasn't one of them. I was a good boy and I made sure to make my mama proud with everything I did. The only thing I couldn't do for her was grand kids. it wasn't like I tried to keep them from her. Not on purpose. I just have a thing with commitment. My own mother was married to an abusive man for years. Yeah I call that man Rob and on my birth certificate he is my father. I hated that man and it took a long time for my own Mum to see the things everyone else recognized. You live in a town like I did and everyone knew you business, and while we had the farm to work on, there was only so much to do everyday and sooner or later he would get to drinking. I don't know how many times I sat on my bed, listening to the yelling and waiting for him to pass out or get out. And then when it was safe I would tend to my Mum's bruises, fix her up as best as I could. I was their only child. I think Mum made sure of that because she didn't want to force any more kids to see the things I saw.

    My infection happened like most people who got infected on the line of duty. We were taking down a vampire nest, a vampire that could call rats. We did everything by the book. Vampires in Australia like the little country towns, well the older ones do apparently. Reminds them of simpler times I think. Well I just happened to draw the short end of the straw that night. I wasn't the only one to take injuries and I wasn't the only one who got infected. It happens sometimes, it is all part of the risks, part of the job. I sighed up for it and I was going to stick with it. I was the only one to decide to stay in the force. I could have retired but honestly what is the point? I had no real life so to speak of.

    But I had things to do first because I could get back into the force. I moved to America, st Louis to be exact and joined the local rodere there. I took my mother with me and she helped me a lot through those first few months. I'm not used to failing, and the rodere isn't like any other place I know. It is hard to even explain. I had gone from top dog to bottom of the ladder over night and it took time to adjust. if it wasn't for my mothers support I probably would have done something stupid and then Rafael would have just put me out of my misery. I stayed there for about four years before I was sure I could handle it on my own. I didn't want to stay in the local police force. Honestly that Anita chick freaks me out. I felt her feed on Rafael and all his rats. Anyone with that kind of power is bound to turn ugly. I wanted out, and somewhere safe for my Mum to live.

    Which is why I ended up here in Seattle a few years ago. I got my mother a nice little place and I got myself a bachelor pad. its better this way because I don't think my Mum needs to know my personal habits like what time I take a dump and how much I waste on hookers. I could hide those kinds of things from family, and at work I could hide my infection from most of the other officers except for the chief of police. Right now as far as I know he is the only one who knows I turn rat.

    But I am also part of the rodere here. Garrett made it pretty clear that I was to useful to him and honestly I think my rat likes being around its own kind even if it is only on the full moon. I might be part of the rodere, and me and Garrett have an understanding but mostly i operate without them. If something comes up that might interest him then we chat, but other then that I feel like I am my own rat. Yeah that illusion is getting less and less believable.
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Where are you going?
    I am working on keeping the lines between ritual and crime from blurring
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