Railely, Temp Wolf
Fred Railey
 Posted: Dec 16 2012, 2:10 PM

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Fred T. Railey

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    Known by only Railey, no one besides his younger brothers know that his first name is friend and he was named Fred because his mothers’ love for the Flintstones. Railey and his brothers have been long time locals in Seattle. Railely was twenty-four when he was infected and when his brothers turned old enough, and permission from the Ulfric he infected his brothers as well. Being in the pack for more than Twenty-two years and seeing the title of Ulfric held by Dom, Ashton, and now Anthony. Railely has always made his “skills” in gathering information, connections, quick wit, and other talents readily to be used by his wolf king. All expect two Ashton who both man avoided each other. Since Ashton didn’t approve of Railely close friendship with Dom the previous Ulfric before Ashton, and Railely not like Ashton believing he didn’t have enough spine to do the job he had taken.
    Railely is a support of Anthony eager and waiting to see what he will bring to the table with his plans.

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    Railely and his brothers will be doing a lot of bad things for Anthony and with plots to come. In the end his brothers and him will be killed off by the end of the wolf plot.

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 Posted: Dec 17 2012, 12:12 PM

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