Hurst, Liam, Temp Wolf for Plot
Liam Hurst
 Posted: Dec 5 2012, 3:05 PM

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Liam Alexander Hurst

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    Liam was born with anger issues and nobody knows why. He wasn't abused as a child, and his parents were married up until the death of his father when he was 15. He was infected during Dominic's reign and actually enjoyed some of the more brutal ways of life. He was the Guunlod and he helped punish the newer wolves as Dominic ordered him. He grew to enjoy the pained cries of those young females wolves as he held them down for Dominic and almost wished they would shift so he could make them bleed. When Ashton took the throne, the Bolverk changed hands and Liam was relieved of his Guunlod duties, replaced by Maylin Long as the Bolverk's helper. Ashton thought he could be rehabilitated, and Liam played along with the idea, letting Ashton believe he was better. He lived for years fighting his natural instinct to hurt, keeping it down by joining the underground shifter fighting ring. It was enough, at least for the moment. And then Anthony came. Liam could see the man was nothing like Ashton and silently threw his support behind the challenger. He was glad to see the former Ulfric die, to see his wife kicked out, and to see his daughter look so defeated. He doesn't believe humans have any place in the pack and Nicole was a spoiled brat who enjoyed the perks of being the Ulfric's favorite. Liam is now waiting for the day when Anthony lets him smack that smug look off her face.

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    Anthony needs followers and Liam is a mindless mutilator that will do the new Ulfric's will. He'll be one of the wolves killed at the end of this storyline and he'll be making his way through Seattle dishing out his sadistic brand of torture in ways only he can.

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