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Charles Jaxon
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charles luke jaxon

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human . twenty three . hunter

Who are you?
    My name is Charles, but most people just call me Charlie. I am twenty three years old and since I was ten I have been trained to hate vampires and shifters. To hunt them down and kill them just for existing. That is what I have been trained to do. But right now I am sitting on the fence and trying to decide if it is smart to keep with traditions so old they no longer have a place in the world.
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What do you want?
    I don't know what I want. I want a way to use my skills for legitimate work. I have more survivalist skills then I care to name and I know every weakness in every species known to man. My head is like a monster dictionary. Facts and figures not just about them but how to kill them. How to make sure they stop breeding and don't take over the world. And I don't want them to, you know take over.

    I want them to understand that humans are not their resource but rather their partners, and I think that is lacking. but for the most part vampires and shifters seem like nice enough beings. Just going through life the same as we are, and looking for their little slice. Just like me and my traditions they are looking for ways to survive in the way they want to survive, a method that had worked for hundreds of years. But is no longer acceptable. We aren't pets to be masters. Just like they aren't living corpses or trapped beasts. Yeah I kinda confuse myself with it all as well.

    I do not want to join the police force because sometimes you need to act a little below the law to get things done. But I can't just be a lone ranger, blitzing through town and taking as many with me as I can... does such a place exist?
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Why are you here?
    I'm here because it is my duty to be here. Or that is the line I tell my parents so they would let me go. Not to much more to say on it. Being a vampire hunter is a great family legacy. Things sure have changed though compared to how it used to be. Well out in the real world. But the family hasn't changed a whole lot. It works like this. The eldest is decided to be the hunter. Back at the beginning of time, it used to be the first born son but there were a few generations where sons wouldn't last do adulthood, or the first born wouldn't make it through their first winter. so it changed to the eldest.

    My Dad is the eldest in his family so training was easier for me. I got to stay at home and have a pretty much normal life. My cousins had to moved in with us and I know sometimes it was hard for them. We aren't restricted access to our parents but when you live half way across the country it is harder to make quality time. We are told from the age of five what our role is and how important we are to not just our family but the world. There is normally some rebellion at the age of fifteen and sixteen and then we settle down and just deal with it. It is harder now then it was before though.

    Before we were just the things that go bump in the night against the more evil and bigger things that go bump in the night. Now we can be trailed for murder. The thing with my family is we kill them because they exist. Some of my own family members are sitting on death row for killing entire packs and pards. The lines have been blurred on what is human and what isn't human. Before it was just so simple. The way I was raised should have made it easier but instead it just gets harder.

    I went to school like everyone else does. I made my grades and somehow managed to keep a social life, train at home and do my homework. I graduated with teachers having big dreams for me but none of them are going to happen. Because we are supposed to live for the goal. To keep the humans of this world safe. At whatever cot. But what is human? Shifters and vampires started out human. And they aren't all bad guys. This way of thinking is pretty much a death sentence in my own family. The Jaxon name is more then a little infamous with the wrong circles. Back home the Master of the City bows to us. We rule with an iron fist and there is no more then five vampires in the district. Even less shifters.

    Only last month I killed a traveling pack of wolves. I use the term very loosely. Only a handful of them, looking for somewhere to stay after loosing their Ulfric. They never should have come into our city. I killed them without even saying a word to them. My cousin Michael likes to play with them a little. Have a nice chat, make them believe we have an understanding and then when they are starting to feel safe he cuts them all down. I'm not like that. Swift and painless is how I like to deal with the things that need to be done. But really what had they done to us?

    They were refugees, escaping their small war town home. Looking for greener pastures and a safe place to start anew. Why can't we just let them stay until they get back on their feet. Dad is always saying we are over populated as it is. Our ratio of monster to human is so low it is laughable. No other city in the world is as human safe as ours. Except for the other cities my family takes care of. Killing them though was kind of the last straw for me. They didn't deserve it.

    Which is why I had to leave and get out of there. Dad is getting old and I'm not like him. I can't see the vampires and shifters as monsters that need to be put down before they get out of control and kill us. They just can't be like that. I know he wants me to take over, and honestly if he asked me to come back I would have too. But for now I am here in Seattle, pretending to believe my dad when he tells me the city is a vampire city and needs to be reminded of their place.
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Where are you going?
    Right now, to the hotel just to unpack my kit, then maybe a chat with the master of the city and some of the other leaders. They will know my name and I just want to make sure they realise I am not here to cause trouble.
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