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Who are you?
    I'm a thirty four year old butcher who is here because apparently Seattle needs some good wolves in their ranks. I have been a wolf for a long time and while I might not be the nicest guy in town I know how to get the job done that needs to be done. I'm not to good about talking about myself and more likely to ask a lot of question or answer in those weird round about ways that makes you think you got answer but really I am just buying my time before you get bored with me and move along.

    I got great plans for Seattle. I come from a long line of butchers, and while it might not be a pleasant job sometimes, someone has to do it. And it might as well be me. I have long since embraced by animistic side and people have accused me of using my good looks to get the things I want. And that is about all you get to know without buying me a drink.
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What do you want?
    I want it all. I look around and see all this chaos and ruin, which is weird because it seems like the answer is so damn obvious. But I must be the only one who can see it. it won't be easy and I have no problems with getting my hands dirty all in the name of progress. You want something, then you gotta go for it you know what I mean? No one can stop you except your own fear and I am feeling a little bit fearless
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Why are you here?
    I am not just your run of the mill wolf. And that might be because I am one of those few souls who was raised pack. Mowgli style. No, not the syndrome of those kids but the Jungle Book kind. Kid raised by animals. You see all this press about the fang bangers and the people who go out of their way to snag themselves a vampire. Well there are some people that have it hard for shifters. And because of modern myth, werewolves have their own groupies. Thanks Wolf Man for the begging barely legals. Anyway, my mum was one of those kinds of girls. she would come to the pack house and drink and party and end up screwing more then half the pack before the Ulfric decided he liked her a bit more then a regular shag. True love or something like that. I think it might have been a little closer to the fact she had a belly full of arms and legs. Me. He could have killed her I suppose so there must have been some attraction between them but I'm not fooling myself. I am fairly certain I was the reason for their union, and almost as certain he wasn't my blood father anyway. My Mum was a groupie to the pack, not to a particular wolf.

    So I was raised in a pack that was more like a gang. it was rough and tumble for most of it, but everyone had everyone elses back. the pack wasn't huge either. just a close family of fifty or so wolves who all lived in the woods together. some ways I prefer it, now that I look back at it. then I kinda hated it because growing up I just wanted to be normal. I suppose all kids have that desire to just be normal and not stick out. I stuck out. Your father is an Ulfric and owner of a powerful business, well people start to know your name. I was seventeen when I took infection. yeah a little underage according to the laws but we lived by a different set of laws. pack laws that might have shamed me in some other life. It is was all I knew and I still don't see anything wrong with it. It wasn't to overwhelming but then again I was the Ulfric's kid. I suspect I got away with some things other people didn't. don't hate me for my lucky birth right.

    Getting into the family business was always the plan for me, and my father got me working in the butcher shop while learning to control my wolf still. It was hard but I tell ya it worked. There is nothing like smelling fresh meat every day and know you can't touch it. like balancing a treat on the end of a dogs nose. that dog learns to sit and shut up pretty quick. I also learnt the ways of the wolf, the natural instincts of the animal. Some people say I learnt to fast and took it all to seriously, but I recon most of them wouldn't know initiative if they saw it. I had fighting blood in my veins and as time wore on, and I knocked them all down it became obvious I had only one goal...

    And my ulfric wasn't to keen on loosing his spot to the former Ulfric's kid. And that is how I ended up here in Seattle. it isn't to uncommon for wolves to trade members, spread the love a little bit. especially with the smaller packs. it can get a little incestuous after a few generations. Especially when you consider the free loving groupies of the sixties and now. Not to sure on how well Seattle will suit me. Bigger group, small land rights but there is that glimmer of hope just on the horizon. My mother was one of those hippies, and sometimes it shows in my own words. Ashton needs strong wolves for ranks, my ulfric needed to get me away from his throne. My Mother is hoping the new pack might quiet me down some. I know she is hoping I find my own groupie to make my queen and pop off some gran kids before she goes.
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Where are you going?
    off to flash the passport at the Ulfric...
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