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Murphy Saskia
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Who are you?
    I'm the girl with the horrible name that doesn't shorten to something cute. I'm the girl that doesn't fit in at home or at school so I took the home school option and even that doesn't agree with me. I am the girl that is looking to belong, but the Ulfric won't let me take infection until I am twenty one. pause hey I should right that down, hang on a sec she pulls out a note pad that it full of scribbled words. Murphy opens a page at random and starts writing, frowning once she is done and starts tapping out syllabols on her knee until she is interrupted by the interviewer clearing his throat. Uh right sorry.

    My name is Murphy, I am seventeen until October and I am wolf kin. My parents were killed when I was younger and my only living relative is my Aunt who is pack. She is pretty cool and lets me do a lot of things that most parents wouldn't let their teenagers do. And I am one of those rare kids who doesn't abuse the freedom they have been given. I don't want her to give into some of the pack pressure and raise me proper. She is my Aunt and she always treated me like her niece and not her daughter. You know, if that makes sense
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What do you want?
    I want to belong to something. I'm not a girl, not a wolf. It is hard for some people to understand. And unlike some other overly dramatic prissy wolves, yeah I am talking about Nicole here, I don't feel the need to whine and moan about how unfair life is. She is... I'm not going to sit here and bitch about her. I just can't believe I am seven months younger then her, It is a shame for the whole pack to be associated with her.
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Why are you here?
    So you might recall me telling you how I am living with my Aunt. Well my parents were murdered in a botched hold up at a service station. I was twelve years old when it happened. They needed to get petrol and buy dinner and I begged them to stay home because you know there was something on tv that I wanted to watch and we didn't have teevo or anything like that to record it or pause. They finally gave in and said I could stay at home as long as I kept the windows and doors locked. And I did until the police showed up a few hours later.

    The sad part was I didn't even know they had been gone for that long. I was to selfish to stop and look at a clock, turn off the tv and wonder where had they gone for so long. When the police came to my door I was shocked and given some time to pack a few things before going to my Aunt Kara's house. She lived across town but my parents didn't have a close relationship with her. I mean she wasn't a stranger but she was hardly the first choice I wanted to be with. Not that I had a choice. She took me in and that first night was nothing but tears for us both. I lost my mother and she lost her sister. For a week we were trapped in our own grief.

    I couldn't go back to school. Every one knew my parents were dead and they were all so sympathetic that I just couldn't take it anymore. I had always been a weird kid. I like poetry and playing my guitar. I'm a performer, but it is hard to perform typical teenage girl when everyone is looking at you like you just got cancer. Mu aunt made me stay until the end of the year, to see it out with my classmates and then she signed me up for home school. She couldn't do it herself because she was busy with pack business so I got a full time tutor. My aunt is Kara Jayne. Yeah the packs eranthe. the one who helps them through learning control during intense moments. It is a full time job and back then Dominic was in power. She wanted me no where near the pack for obvious reasons.

    Once Ashton came in as Ulfric she let me come around to the pack house sometimes. I love nature but more for the quiet then the whole nature thing if that makes sense. So i would find a tree and do some study or strum my guitar while my aunt did whatever she needed to do with the pack mates that day. I didn't know until I was 16 what she did for the pack. I could kind of guess. I mean people would talk, they always do but no one came out and called her out. I think she told me so I would understand how difficult the change was. By then I had started hinting at becoming Pack. I am still sure I want it, just so I can be counted as something you know. gah depressing.

    I prefer to be happier and leave my depressing thoughts for my poetry. Some of it can be really dark. I never really dealt with my parents death, and I haven't even been kissed. There is so much I don't understand about this life and just how to belong with other people. or wolves, or however it goes. sigh are we done here?
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Where are you going?
    Need to go make some coins and buy some fabrics. You know regular teenager stuff
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