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Who are you?
    My name is Nedra and I am a king Cobra snake shifter. pauses oh not enough information for you? Um alright. so I was born in Sydney Australia. You guys might not know this but the snake population down there is really booming. I think it might be all hot weather we have down there. The bad side to all of that is the territory wars. Now I know it might seem tame to you Yanks but down in Aussieland we don't have a big love for guns. So when people go tearing up the streets, shooting out houses it is a bit of a big deal for us. It makes the news, the radio and everything else.

    being a King Cobra just made us a bigger target if you can believe it. we were holding our own against some of the deadliest snakes in the world. But our little piece of heaven in Sydney was shrinking. it didn't matter what poison we have dripping from our fangs when we are going up against nests three times bigger then ours. Just didn't have the resources we once did so Dad got some info from a mate of his and he told me there is a new nest forming in Seattle and I should head over here. Apparently it is easier to join new nests then to try and rustle in on someone who is set up.
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What do you want?
    I want what all snakes want. A large rock and no one bugging me when I just finish eating my kill. I prefere to hunt things myself. Do you think the wolf pack will have a problem with that? Right talk to the Ulfric. I had you pegged as some kind of spy. Say little but observe much so you know who is and isn't right for the city. Well I suppose I can't say much about that. You got a job to do, as we all do.

    What else do I want? well to be honest I am a little scared about living away from my folks for the first time in my life. sure I have been away from them for extended amounts of time but never like this. I mean joining this nest would technically put me at war with my parents. I suppose it is lucky we don't take up the same continent. because that is a fight I don't want. So yeah a nice easy transition into Seattle would be great by me. I am a pretty easy girl to please. Let me have my jrock, a sunny rock and hunting grounds and I am all smiles.
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Why are you here?
    Right so here is the big bad details of my life. My parents are second generation King Cobra in Sydney. My grandparents from my mum's side came over there when they were already married and my Mum was still in her egg. so she is technically Australian because she hatched there but she was laid in Africa. My fathers family comes from Brazil. he was brought in to help fill out ranks of the snake nest in Sydney. It had turned on hard times since the Kasha and Kashyapa put all their hopes on Black, and it lost. Yeah they gambled it all away and with no resources the integrity of the whole nest collapsed.

    Unlike some nesting groups there were no arranged marries for the Sydney Cobras. Although it was frowned upon to settle down with someone outside your own species, there was no real rule about it. Although come on, we can't even kiss a human without making them ill. we were kinda stuck with each other anyway. Mum and Dad got married in the traditional way, a small ceremony and pretty soon us eggs came along. Really stop me if I bore you because my life has no interest to it whatsoever.

    I was home schooled like all the King Cobras were. Which I think only helped others get to us. We were protected from the world so strongly that we didn't know any better. We hatted the Red Bellies and the brown snakes because our parents hated them. I don't think they were so bad really. Just doing what snakes do. We are the territorial type. I took the same courses as everyone else did. IT development, science, English, community and family studies, Japanese and Self defence. Oh you guys don't teach that at school? makes sense

    Let's just say up front I am not a good fighter. I can throw one mean right hook and then I run like hell. I just don't love violence. I like fake violence. Those action movies, and wrestling. You know when you know that no one is really getting hurt? I like that adreniline stuff. But a real fight I don't like. It is to full on for me. so it isn't a real suprise when I took the retail route after graduation. In my nest there were two jobs. Soldier and worker. Sure the women who got knocked up got to play mummy and stuff but really it came down to two positions. I went for worker bee and I don't regret it. And I like retail. meeting people is kinda fun.

    As for coming here to Seattle, well I explained that part. the fighting was getting worse. there were days when I couldn't leave the nest to go to work because we could see the Red Bellies hiding out in the streets just waiting for us. Dad did the bravest thing I had ever seen a father do and that was let me go to where it was safe. He sent off my older brother as well but he went to a different nest. dad didn't want us together. He thought it would be better for me if I was forced to grow up some.
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Where are you going?
    Meeting up with the Kasha and Kashyapa. She met me at the border yesterday but once she found out why I was here she said I could go make friends with you lovely people first.
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