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Andrea Dolan
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Andrea Margaret Dolan

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Who are you?
    My name is Andrea Margaret Dolan. I am fresh out of high school and I just turned 18...and I'm a swan. Yeah, I'm one of those birds that vampires like snacking on. Unfortunately, I don't think I'm gonna be on the menu at a lot of these vampire clubs. You see...I already belong to a vampire and have since I was five. His name is Tristan Ciar, maybe you know him? He's a little weird, speaks poeticly, and can be long-winded? Yeah, that man. I'm his swan. Lucky me, huh?

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What do you want?
    Is this going to get back to Tristan or my dad? No? Okay...what I'd like is to be a photographer. I can't really wish for my freedom since that was given away a long time ago, but when I'm taking pictures, I feel free. Other than that, I really hope Tristan keeps me off the vampire snack-list at the Moons and the Pulse. If I have to belong to a vampire, I'd rather it just be one vampire and not many. Not a fan of being passed around like so many blood dolls I know are. Oh, and to meet come cute guys. Not big on the family and kids thing just yet, but I'd like to not completely take it off the table.

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Why are you here?
    I was born to Sharon and Richard Dolan, the youngest of six girls and all Irish swans, just like mom. But I guess my story starts when my mother was a young woman and engaged to my father. It was then that Tristan met her and wanted her as his own. He has this weird thing for beautiful women and he thought my mom was too lovely to be with my dad. Well...my dad made a deal with him: let my mom stay with him, and he would give him whichever of any daughters my dad had that Tristan wanted.

    I was five when I first met Tristan. He had already seen my sisters and turned them down, waiting for...I don't know what, but I guess he saw it in me. Maybe it was because I wasn't afraid of him. Maybe it was because I tugged on his hair and said it was as pretty as Mom's. I honestly don't know what he saw in me, but he liked it and told Dad that he'd made his choice and he wanted me. They agreed that I would stay with my parents and Tristan could visit whenever he wanted until I turned 18, then I would go to Tristan and become his swan. It wasn't an arrangement enjoyed by everybody, and there was even an attempt to stipulate that I had to have one child before Tristan could take me, but the original agreement stuck and I was a vampire's pet at the age of five, even if I stayed with my parents.

    I spent my school years with my parents and a few weekends with Tristan to get used to the idea of being his. I mean, he's not a bad vampire. He's not controlling, he doesn't demand I do things I'm not comfortable with, and even as I grew into a woman, he never touched me in an inappropriate manner. He's been nothing but a perfect gentleman and, hell, there are worst masters to belong to. He could've had me brainwashed and conditioned to obey his every command, but he seems to enjoy the give and take.

    I don't love him as a husband or a long-time lover or anything like that. I enjoy his company and he seems to enjoy mine and throughout the years, we did develop a bond. I wouldn't want to be permanently settled down with him since it would mean no kids for me, and I do plan on having kids. I'm actually looking forward to living with him permanently instead of just spending a few weekends a month with him. And he works in this awesome antique store and I hope he trains me to run it for him while he's asleep. I don't want to be just a pretty face with nothing to do.

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Where are you going?
    Nowhere. I'm sticking right here with Tristan. Living with him, maybe working at Found It, just making a life for myself here. Yeah, doesn't sound like much ambition, but it's my life now. Well, I would like to do some photography professionally...you know any studios around town looking to hire?

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