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Thaddeus Acker
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Thaddeus Byron Acker

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Mage . 23 . looking for work

Who are you?
    *sits down once his sister is done with her interview* Name's Thaddeus Byron Acker. Yeah... it's a bit of a mouthful. I usually just go by Thad, or Acker. Sometimes CarriAnn calls me Byron... if I'm in trouble.

    My sister and I, we have an amusing situation. We're both adopted. But our parents didn't adopt me until Carri was ten, I was fourteen. Mom was having fun doing all the girly girl stuff with Carri, and Dad was missing out on all the cool father son stuff.... so they got me. I was lucky... already being a teenager and getting adopted, that doesn't happen very much. I took to being Carri's big brother right away... not sure exactly why I got so protective of her so fast... just happened. Maybe it's because she's a faeblood?

    I'm a 'special case' just like my little sister. Not a faeblood, no. I'm a Mage, just like my biological father before me. The fae gave my family magic some three hundred years ago or something like that... I didn't really pay attention to the lessons when I was little.

    Are you wondering what I'm doing talking about a biological parent when I already said I was adopted? Here, let me explain.... then I'll get back to the made stuff. My mother died giving birth to me, so Dad took care of me on his own, teaching me about our magic. But he died when I was nine. With no family to take me after that, I got put in the system.

    So, back to the important stuff... my powers! *grins* I can't go around all willy nilly spouting incantations and stuff starts to happen. *pulls out a necklace from under his shirt* This... holds the magic. This pendant is to me, the wands for Harry Potter shit. And the pendant doesn't just work when i say something either... I have to use the family's book of incantations. It's passed down for generation to generation. So I can't make my own... have to use what's been given to me. It's mostly practical stuff... like a locator spell, a cleaning spell which is kind of like a disappearing spell... makes the mess go poof doesn't set the dishes washing themselves, things like that, not any sort of 'get rich quick' spells
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What do you want?
    I want to keep an eye on my sister. I want a good life for both of us. I've dealt with a parent dying before, and this time I was older, able to handle it, unlike Carri. They left us well enough off, but we can't live off inheritance forever. We need to make it on our own... together. We sold the house... barely got asking price, but it was okay, still more than we had and there was no way I could pay morgage every month. While we were looking for an apartment (we stayed with family friends once the house was sold) I lost my job. Couldn't find a new one in the area.... So we came here. Hopefully I can find a job, send CarriAnn to college.
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Why are you here?
    Well, like I said, getting on with life, finding a job.
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Where are you going?
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